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The Smartest Board Game  is a useful gift for every child Hand-made Macarons Cookies in Ukrainian. Magnificent Ruby Ring is one of the finest jewelry pieces.
Board Game "The Smartest"
Regular Price: USD14.95
To the Best Mother Chocolate Bar
Regular Price: USD20.95
Magnificent Ruby Ring
Regular Price: USD20.95

A wonderful board game for a little thinker.

Impress the most important person for you with your care and exclusiveness.

A beautiful ruby ring makes a fine gift for a massive jewelry lover.

9 Curly Carnations Bouquet A wonderful piece to add to child's collection Cart Noire Authentic Imported Gourmet French Coffee
9 Curly Carnations Bouquet
Regular Price: USD25.95
Sale Price: USD20.95
Zephyr Dragon Stuffed Animal
Regular Price: USD20.95


The best way to show your respect and love to somebody you care of.

Zephyr Dragon makes a great gift to surprise.
Carte Noire is a great French classic, with its famous advertising slogan, "Un café nommé désir" ("a coffee named desire").
Create Your Own Gift Set for delivery in Ukraine. “Sweet Love” Gift Set will show your love. Your imagination classic glass vase is a perfect addition to any floral arrangement.
Create Your Own Basket!
Regular Price: USD21.95
“Sweet Love” Chocolate Gift Set
Regular Price: USD21.95

Your imagination Classic Glass Vase
Regular Price: USD21.95


Design your own custom gift baskets right on our web site. Choose from our gourmet and specialty products to create the perfect one-of-a-kind gift!

New!Pick this wonderful set of Heart-shaped candies which will show your feelings better than words.

A beautiful glass flower vase perfect for any of our many bouquet selections.

Tiny Cupid Silver Charm Golden Evening to Ukraine Send holiday excitement  to your loved one with Fancy Snowflake Stud Earrings
Tiny Cupid Silver Charm
Regular Price: USD22.95

Golden Evening
Regular Price: USD22.95

Fancy Snowflake Stud Earrings
Regular Price: USD22.95

Celebrate St. Valentine’s Day with the symbol of this holiday – a tiny Cupid.

Golden Evening Chocolates depict amazing and romantic atmosphere of the capital of Ukraine!

Cute silver stud earrings will remind your dearest one of tender snowflakes the year around.

Sterling Silver Apple Stud Earrings - is an original way to congratulate someone special Do not miss out and buy Sterling Silver X Shaped Stud Earrings for beloved one. Gorgeous roses arrangement of beauty, scent and affection.
Always on My Mind Bouquet
Regular Price: USD29.00
Sale Price: USD23.00

Surprise your loved one with a cute gift that will make her look amazing. This chic shape of the earrings adds both interest and beauty to the look.

Show How Much You Care with 5 Fresh, Fragrant Ukrainian Roses.

MK lip gloss Tender Pink Stud Earrings make a nice Ukraine gift. Modern Square Silver-Plated Setmakes a wonderful surprise.
Mary Kay Nourishing Lip gloss
Regular Price: USD23.95

Tender Pink Stud Earrings
Regular Price: USD23.95
Modern Square Silver-Plated Set
Regular Price: USD23.95


Here is a fabulous addition to any gift. Let Her shine!

What can be better than these classical and tender silver earrings?

Unique-style set will make a lovely gift to a lady with a modern style.

A Bunch of 10 Multicolored Balloons Aroma Diffuser Gift Set Stylish USB Flash Drive will be a nice gift that a smart lady will appreciate.
A Bunch of 10 Multicolored Balloons
Regular Price: USD24.95

Aroma Diffuser Gift Set
Regular Price: USD24.95
Stylish USB Flash Drive
Regular Price: USD24.95

Here is a fun bunch anybody with LOVE! A set of 10 multicolored balloons will make any gift an amazing gift.

The Aromatherapy Diffuser Sticks is a perfect gift for spa-lover.

USB Flash Drive will not only storage all necessary information but also can be a stylish accessory!

Luxurious Ballpoint Pen with Swarovski Crystal Elements will be an elegant gift that a smart lady will appreciate. Trendy Cashmere Scarf is a lovey Ukraine gift. Cinderella’s Pumpkin Carriage Charm
Trendy Cashmere Scarf
Regular Price: USD24.95


Luxurious Ballpoint Pen with Swarovski Crystal Elements is a perfect gift for a lady who works in the office.

What a wonderful gift especially during winter holidays!

Make your darling lady feel like a princess by giving pumpkin carriage charm.

Heart-Shaped Flower Charm Magic Christmas Hat Charm Royal Crown Silver Charm
Heart-Shaped Flower Charm
Regular Price: USD24.95
Magic Christmas Hat Charm
Regular Price: USD24.95
Royal Crown Silver Charm
Regular Price: USD24.95


Heart-Shaped Flower Charm unites romance and tender flower beauty.

This magic charm makes a wonderful addition to any chrams-lover collection as Christmas Gift to Ukraine.

Royal Crown Charm is specially designed to be given to a real Queen.

Sparkling  Heart Charm Interlocking Hearts Pendant Charm Kite Caruso is a useful gift for kids
Sparkling Heart Charm
Regular Price: USD24.95
Interlocking Hearts Pendant Charm
Regular Price: USD24.95

Caruso Kite
Regular Price: USD24.95

Give a classy symbol of love this Valentine’s Day or make any day special.

This delicate charm is crafted from 925 sterling silver and is presented with two interlocked hearts.

This kite will bring hours of joy to your special kid.

Send gifts and flowers to Ukraine from $20 to $50. Same-day delivery of Ukraine flowers from $20 to $50 to all cities of Ukraine. 1-3 days delivery to Ukraine of gift baskets, toys, gifts sets, jewelry, perfumes and more.

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