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Fabulous Heart-shaped Ballons will make festive mood. Send Raffaelo that will make a pleasant gift for your beloved. Coffee Carte Noire Authentic Imported French Gourmet Coffee 250 g
A Fabulous Heart-shaped Ballon
Regular Price: USD3.95

List Price: USD12.95
Regular Price: USD14.95


A fabulous heart shaped balloon will put an instant smile on any face.

Individually Wrapped Ferrero Raffaello is a Crispy, Creamy Coconut Almond Treat.

Carte Noire is a leader of the coffee market in Ukraine, appreciated by those who select only the very best.

9 freshest roses will please your beloved one. Dried Fruit Gift Tray makes a healthy gift to Ukraine. 11 roses arrangement expresses feelings stronger than words.
"I Love You" 9 Fabulous Roses
Regular Price: USD36.00

Dried Fruit Gift Tray
Regular Price: USD41.95

"Sweetheart" 11 roses bouquet
Regular Price: USD44.00


9 Gorgeous Ukraine Roses: An Unforgettable and Romantic Gift

Here is a nutritious and healthy snack to enjoy!

This elegant feminine Ukraine flower arrangement includes eleven beautiful roses with accent greenery, arranged by Ukraine floral artists.

Spa Organic Gift Set for your sweetheart. Raffaello Chocolates Collection will delight your dearest one as Ukraine gift. Tea Garden Tray will be a lovely surprise.
Spa Organic Gift Set
Regular Price: USD53.95

Raffaello Chocolates Collection
Regular Price: USD59.95

Tea Garden Tray
Regular Price: USD59.95


A complete gift of peaceful relaxation for your beloved.

New! Elegant and delicious this collection made of Raffaello candy boxes is a sure thing when it comes to expressing your love and care.

A gift basket that sends a taste of a good tea-party!

Elegant Fruit Tray will make a wonderful and healthy gift. 21 Roses Bouquet is a tender and beautiful gift. Gorgeous Roses and Vanda Orchids Bouquet
Elegant Fruit Tray
Regular Price: USD69.95

21 Fabulous Roses
Regular Price: USD84.00


Order this gift basket for someone special as a thoughtful and kind gift to them and you will receive special thanks

Beautiful flower bouquet for flowers delivery: an entire armful of large, beautiful aromatic flowers.

Express your love and gratefulness by giving this exotic and exquisite bouquet.

Lovely eau de parfum from Sarah Jessica Parker for delivery anywhere in Ukraine Milka Pleasures Gift Basket for a special person Euphoria EDP by Calvin Klein is a tempting scent for Ukranian women.
Milka Pleasures Gift Basket
Regular Price: USD89.95
Euphoria eau de parfum by Calvin Klein
Regular Price: USD91.95


Inspired by her love of layering unexpected fragrances, Sarah Jessica Parker’s first perfume, Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker for women, debuted in 2005.

Premium assortment of  Milka and Kinder chocolates has a bit of everything and makes a great choice for any recipient.

Rich and mysterious scent of Euphoria EDP by Calvin Klein makes the perfect gift to Ukraine for your romantic lady.

29 White Roses Bouquet Parisienne eau de parfum from Yves Saint Laurent as a gift to Ukraine Premium Fruit Baskets with Wine is a wonderful gift to Ukraine showing your affection.
29 White Roses Bouquet
Regular Price: USD116.00
Parisienne eau de parfum from Yves Saint Laurent
Regular Price: USD139.95
Sale Price: USD118.95

Premium Fruit Baskets with Wine
Regular Price: USD159.95


If you want to convey a lovely message that will touch her to the heart – 29 White Roses Bouquet should be your choice.

The essence of a woman who is incredibly free -she conveys the joy of living and loving in the moment. She fully reveals herself to the day with this new interpretation of fresh and sensual, vibrating of energy scent from Yves Saint Laurent.

Our very best gift selection of fruit, cookies, sweets, special tea and coffee, delivered with a bottle of premium Crimean Champagne and a bottle of superb local wine.
J' adore EDP by Christian Dior is an exclusive gift with flowers to Ukraine 51 Red and White Roses Bouquet
J'adore EDP by Christian Dior
Regular Price: USD179.95

51 Red and White Roses Bouquet
Regular Price: USD204.00

Glamorous, sophisticated and incredibly popular fragrance from Dior is meant to underline the sensual femininity.

This stunning Red and White Roses Bouquet is a beautiful way to assure your special one you love Her.