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Fabulous Heart-shaped Ballons will make festive mood. Lyubimov Heart Chocolates will show your appreciation as a fine gift. What a lovely gift for your sweetie!
A Fabulous Heart-shaped Ballon
Regular Price: USD3.95

Lyubimov Heart Chocolates
Regular Price: USD9.95

"Cherry Queen"
Regular Price: USD10.95


A fabulous heart shaped balloon will put an instant smile on any face.

Show your love multiple times by sending sweet present to the one you truly love.

Delicious dessert sweets with cherry without stone in cherry syrup - absolute delight.

Send Raffaello that will make a pleasant gift for your beloved. "Kiev Vecherny" is a popular gift to Kiev and all Ukrainian cities. Send Confections Paradise as a hamper for your dearest one.
Regular Price: USD14.95

"Kiev Vecherny" chocolates
Regular Price: USD17.95

Confections Paradise
Regular Price: USD18.95


Individually Wrapped Ferrero Raffaello is a Crispy, Creamy Coconut Almond Treat.

"Kiev Vecherny" are the most popular sweets in Ukraine produced by the Kiev confectionery manufacturer "Roshen"

A collection of finest confections in a cute tin box.

A Bunch of 10 Multicolored Balloons Merci sweets will show your appreciation as a fine gift. Ferrero Rocher
A Bunch of 10 Multicolored Balloons
Regular Price: USD24.95

Merci Chocolates
Regular Price: USD25.95

Ferrero Rocher
Regular Price: USD25.95


Here is a fun bunch anybody with LOVE! A set of 10 multicolored balloons will make any gift an amazing gift.

With love and care this gift will reach your beloved in perfect condition and happy recipient will not be long in telling Grand Merci, no matter the language.

Make the day of your beloved ones happier by presenting them a great Ukraine gift.

Gorgeous roses arrangement of beauty, scent and affection. Hand-made gourmet chocolates in Ukrainian. 7 roses bouquet will show your affection.
Always on My Mind Bouquet
Regular Price: USD29.00
Sale Price: USD26.00

Gourmet Handmade Chocolate Assortment
Regular Price: USD27.95

"Thinking about You" 7 roses bouquet
Regular Price: USD32.00
Sale Price: USD29.00


Show How Much You Care with 5 Fresh, Fragrant Ukrainian Roses.

Enjoy the variety of delicious gourmet handmade chocolates.

The chocolates are hand-made, they are made in Kiev and orders are accepted only on business days

7 Beautiful Roses to Show Care and Appreciation for Your Loved One.

Beautiful multicolored roses from best florists Tender African Violets is a perfect gift for a plant lover. jewelry ukraine
"You are Fabulous" 7 Multicolored Roses
Regular Price: USD32.00
Sale Price: USD29.00

African Violets
Regular Price: USD29.95

Mellowy White Opal Necklace
Regular Price: USD31.95


This 7 roses bouquet silently whispers "You are Fabulous".

These heartwarming violets are a perfect gift for a long lasting relationship or for an amazing beginning.

Impres your loved one with our Mellowy White Opal Necklace.

9 freshest roses will please your beloved one. 9 finest roses if you are looking for floral composition to match your passion. Kievsky Cake is a famous Ukrainian gift.
"I Love You" 9 Fabulous Roses
Regular Price: USD36.00
Sale Price: USD32.00

"I love you from afar" 9 roses bouquet
Regular Price: USD36.00
Sale Price: USD32.00

Kievsky Cake
Regular Price: USD35.95


9 Gorgeous Ukraine Roses: An Unforgettable and Romantic Gift

Celebrate romance with these lovely roses bouquet arranged by Ukraine flower artists.

Kievsky cake is a traditional delicious cake loved by everyone in Ukraine.

Spatifillum is a wonderful plant that will bring happiness. gifts to ukraine Phaelenopsis Orchid is tender and most loved plant.
Regular Price: USD35.95

Divine Opal Silver Necklace
Regular Price: USD37.95
Phaelenopsis Orchid
Regular Price: USD39.95


This plant is a really special gift to Ukraine for any woman as it is meant to bring love and happiness.

Divine Opal Silver Necklace makes a lovely gift for your favorite lady.

A lovely elegant orchid is the perfect choice to send to Ukraine on any occasion.

Tender pink fantasy bouquet will please your beloved. Plush toy teddy bear is a cute present. Plush teddy bear will make a cute gift.
Pink Fantasy Bouquet
Regular Price: USD43.95
Sale Price: USD39.95

Cute Beige Teddy Bear
Regular Price: USD39.95

Cute Brown Teddy Bear
Regular Price: USD39.95


This lovely floral arrangement will please your beloved one on any occasion!

This lovely Beige Teddy Bear from Anna Club Plush collection will show your care and make the day of your dearest one!

Cute Brown Teddy Bear with a super soft fur will give warmth of your heart every time she hugs it!

Beautiful 11 roses bouquet is a good choice to impress your sweetheart. 11 roses arrangement expresses feelings stronger than words. A bouquet of colorful chrysanthemums will bring smile and joy.
11 Yellow Roses Bouquet
Regular Price: USD44.00
Sale Price: USD40.00

"Sweetheart" 11 roses bouquet
Regular Price: USD44.00
Sale Price: USD40.00

Multicolored Chrysanthemums Bouquet
Regular Price: USD44.95
Sale Price: USD40.95


Choose this fabulous bouquet of 11 yellow roses for Ukraine flower delivery and impress your sweetheart.

This elegant feminine Ukraine flower arrangement includes eleven beautiful roses with accent greenery, arranged by Ukraine floral artists.

Lovely bright bouquet will express your love or appreciation to the full extent.

Bright and blooming alstroemerias makes an impressive floral arrangement. Sweet chocolates and gorgeous roses will win her heart. Lovely gift idea for an adult and a child.
Alstroemerias Bouquet
Regular Price: USD44.95
Sale Price: USD40.95

"Love You so Much" set
Regular Price: USD47.00
Sale Price: USD42.00

Bamboo Panda Bear
Regular Price: USD42.95


Beautiful blooms of 9 bright alstromeria are artfully arranged as a nice floral composition.

Here is a perfect combo! Send the flowers of love and delicious chocolates to someone special today.

Bamboo Panda Bear is sure to make your dearest one smile!