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Birthday Gifts to Ukraine – Send Flowers to Ukraine – Birthday Flowers to Ukraine

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Happy Birthday Kids’ Card Congratulations Card Happy Anniversary Card
Happy Birthday Kids’ Card
Regular Price: USD2.95
Congratulations Card
Regular Price: USD2.95
Happy Anniversary Card
Regular Price: USD2.95

Bright and joyful card for your dearest birthday girl or boy.

What a wonderful addition to your Ukraine gift on a special occasion or just because!

Congratulate your dearest ones by sending Happy Anniversary card.

Fabulous Heart-shaped Ballons will make festive mood. Happy Birthday Card Avk Truffle Chocolates
A Fabulous Heart-shaped Ballon
Regular Price: USD3.95

Happy Birthday Card
Regular Price: USD3.95

Avk Truffle Chocolates
Regular Price: USD7.95


A fabulous heart shaped balloon will put an instant smile on any face.

Happy Birthday Card.

Avk Truffle Chocolates are created to gelight the lady who loves delicate and creamy flavors.

Lyubimov Heart Chocolates will show your appreciation as a fine gift. Toffifee Ptichie Moloko to Ukraine
Lyubimov Heart Chocolates
Regular Price: USD9.95

Regular Price: USD10.95
Ptichie Moloko
Regular Price: USD10.95

Show your love multiple times by sending sweet present to the one you truly love.

Sweeten your dear one’s day by sending this sweet collection.

One of the most beloved chocolates of Ukrainians for many decades.

Sweets from Roshen will please those you love. Prestige sweets for your candy girl! Lyubimov Chocolate Fruit Clusters
Assortment chocolates from Roshen
List Price: USD11.95
Regular Price: USD11.95

Prestige Chocolate Candies from Lyubimov
Regular Price: USD11.95

Lyubimov Chocolate Fruit Clusters
Regular Price: USD11.95


Let your beloved ones feel the sweetness of your love through the glorious taste of candies, which will amaze you with heavenly flavor.

Make the day of your beloved ones happier by presenting them a great Ukraine gift.

This perfect combination of dried fruits and delicious chocolate will impress impress even a picky recipient.

Korzinka Chocolates to Ukraine Send Raffaelo that will make a pleasant gift for your beloved. Modern Square Silver-Plated Setmakes a wonderful surprise.
Korzinka Chocolates from Liubimov
Regular Price: USD12.95
List Price: USD12.95
Regular Price: USD14.95

Modern Square Silver-Plated Set
Regular Price: USD23.95
Sale Price: USD14.95

Send your love to your sweetheart with best Ukrainian Chocolates.

Individually Wrapped Ferrero Raffaello is a Crispy, Creamy Coconut Almond Treat.

Unique-style set will make a lovely gift to a lady with a modern style.

Domior to Ukraine The Smartest Board Game  is a useful gift for every child Green Topaz Stud Earrings make a nice Ukraine gift.
Regular Price: USD14.95

Board Game "The Smartest"
Regular Price: USD14.95
Green Topaz Stud Earrings
Regular Price: USD21.95
Sale Price: USD15.95

Beautiful and tasty treat for black chocolate lovers.

A wonderful board game for a little thinker.

Sterling silver earrings of the calm and refined color will make her smile.

Passionate Fire Stud Earrings will impress your beloved. Magnificent Ruby Ring is one of the finest jewelry pieces. Three Hearts Ring will win her heart.
Passionate Fire Stud Earrings
Regular Price: USD22.95
Sale Price: USD16.95
Magnificent Ruby Ring
Regular Price: USD20.95
Sale Price: USD16.95
Three Hearts Ring
Regular Price: USD21.95
Sale Price: USD16.95

Passionate and deep red color of silver stud earrings will show your affection to the only one for you.

A beautiful ruby ring makes a fine gift for a massive jewelry lover.

Triple love expression in one delicate ring.

Assorti from AVK to Ukraine Korona de Luxe is a popular Ukrainian sweets. Merci sweets will show your appreciation as a fine gift.
Assorti from AVK
Regular Price: USD16.95
"Korona' finest Ukrainian chocolates
Regular Price: USD17.95

Merci Chocolates
Regular Price: USD17.95


An assortment of unforgettable tastes will help you impress your beloved.

Choose the best sweets from Korona for your special people in Ukraine.

With love and care this gift will reach your beloved in perfect condition and happy recipient will not be long in telling Grand Merci, no matter the language.

Blue Swarovski Elements Stud Earrings will make her smile with happiness. Sky Blue Swarovski Elements Earrings will emphasize her with elegance. Delicate Peach Stud Earrings make a nice Ukraine gift.
Blue Swarovski Elements Stud Earrings
Regular Price: USD35.95
Sale Price: USD17.95
Sky Blue Swarovski Elements Earrings
Regular Price: USD29.95
Sale Price: USD17.95

Delicate Peach Stud Earrings
Regular Price: USD21.95
Sale Price: USD17.95

Fashionable stud earrings with sparkling blue Swarovski elements make a charming gift to Ukraine for your sophisticated lady.

Delicate stud earrings with Sky Blue Swarovski Elements will please your dearest one in Ukraine!

These lovely earrings will shine in her eyes as stars.

Strela to Ukraine Princess Patricia is a useful present. Send Confections Paradise as a hamper for your dearest one.
Regular Price: USD17.95
Princess Patricia
Regular Price: USD17.95
Confections Paradise
Regular Price: USD18.95


A beautifully arranged box of high quality chocolate arrows.

A beautiful doll for a little girl!

A collection of finest confections in a cute tin box.


Send your warm birthday wishes to your loved ones in Ukraine. Enjoy same day delivery of Birthday flowers to Ukraine. Birthday Gifts to Ukraine are delivered within 1-3 days. Choose from gorgeous flowers, gift baskets, designer perfumes, chocolates, cosmetics, jewelry, toys, gift sets to wish Happy Birthday. Unona is proud to feature an amazing selection at very reasonable prices.

With every Birthday gift delivery in Ukraine we provide free translation of your greeting card, as well as a free digital photo of the flower delivery so you can see the smile on your loved one’s face when they receive your gift.