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Bouquet of white flowers

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Roses are one of the most gorgeous and beloved gifts to Ukraine. “Tender Beauty” 13 roses bouquet

Surprise your beloved ones with an exquisite bouquet of magnificent beauty.

Regular Price: USD52.00

Bright bouquet of the freshest lilies will be a lovely surprise. Spring Sunshine Bouquet

This beautiful flowers will bring sunshine for your dearest one even in a rainy day!

Regular Price: USD65.95

Devotion 13 Roses Bouquet opens your heart. Devotion 13 Roses Bouquet

A bright floral composition of red and white roses will win her heart with its purity and passion!

Regular Price: USD68.00

Make her smile be giving a lovely bouquet. Bright Gerberas and Chrysanthemums Bouquet

This charming bouquet will make a lovely just because gift to Ukraine.

Regular Price: USD68.95
Heart-Shaped Box of Flowers for your beloved one Heart-Shaped Box of Flowers

Heart-Shaped Box of Flowers will touch her heart and soul

Regular Price: USD69.95

"Forever Yours" Gift Box is a great combination of sweets and flowers your dear person will definitely enjoy "Forever Yours" Gift Box

If you are looking for an interesting way to surprise your beloved one, this colorful box of flowers with mouthmelting macarons will be that surprise you are looking for.

Regular Price: USD69.95
Tender Beauty Gift Box for your special person in Ukraine Tender Beauty Gift Box

Tender Beauty Gift Box is the most beautiful way to express your tender feelings

Regular Price: USD74.95
Pretty White Lilies make a fragrant floral composition. Pretty White Lilies

A gift of classical good taste and elegance, this gorgeous bouquet of 7 short-stemmed white lilies turns any occasion into a special one.

Regular Price: USD76.95

Send fragrant lilies for your Ukrainian lady and win her heart. A bouquet of Tender Lilies

Wish to send flowers to Ukraine, choose long-stemmed elegant and noble lilies with gorgeous scent to indulge you beloved.

Regular Price: USD79.95

Fancy Alstroemerias Gift Box is one of the way to make your dear person in Ukraine smile Fancy Alstroemerias Gift Box

A beautiful box of alstroemeria flowers for a beautiful person

Regular Price: USD79.95
Three Hearts Gift Set will charm her with its romance. Three Hearts Gift Set

Three Hearts Gift Set will convey a message of love to her heart!

Regular Price: USD81.00

Gorgeous Roses and Macaroons Sweet Box is the best gift for your lady Gorgeous Roses and Macaroons Sweet Box

Gorgeous Roses and Macaroons Sweet Box to melt her heart.

Regular Price: USD85.95
Box of pink flowers beautifuly arranged for your dear ones in Ukraine Pink Wonder Blooming Box

Pink Wonder Blooming Box will be a great surprise for any woman

Regular Price: USD89.95
Make love confession with "Hold My Heart" Arrangement unforgettable "Hold My Heart" Arrangement

Make love confession with "Hold My Heart" Arrangement unforgettable.

Regular Price: USD89.95

An elegant composition to impress someone special! Delicious Blossom Gift Box

A beautiful mix of gorgeous flowers and delicious macarons in a box.

Regular Price: USD89.95
"Ocean of Tenderness" 21 Roses Bouquet will speak to her heart "Ocean of Tenderness" 21 Roses Bouquet

Show your love with a gorgeous bouquet of elegant white roses.

Regular Price: USD95.95
For You With Love Gift Set opens your heart. “For You With Love” Gift Set

“For You With Love” Gift Set will tell about your deepest feelings more than any words!

Regular Price: USD99.00

Original box of flowers and sweets for your loved ones. Sweetheart Gift Box

Combination of flowers and chocolates - make someone feel loved and happy.

Regular Price: USD99.95
No one would withstand this sweet and blooming present. Irresistable Bouquet

An unexpectedly stunning gift for your beloved one this Valentine's Day.

Regular Price: USD99.95
"Pure Love" 25 Magnificent Roses Box is what she dreams about "Pure Love" 25 Magnificent Roses Box

Gorgeous 25 roses box speaks better than words

Regular Price: USD105.95
Impress your sweetheart with this gorgeous arrangement “From Your Prince Charming” Arrangement

“From Your Prince Charming” Arrangement is an elegant gift nobody can resist.

Regular Price: USD105.95
“My heart is Yours” 19 roses heart-shaped bouquet “My heart is Yours” 19 Roses Bouquet

This romantic 19 roses bouquet will be the perfect gift from Ukrainian flowers delivery service to show your love and make her happy.

Regular Price: USD106.00

Luxury 23 Roses Bouquet will make her heart melt. Luxury 23 Roses Bouquet

Enchant your beloved lady by sending Luxury 23 Roses Bouquet and all your love.

Regular Price: USD114.00
This is a truly divine arrangement to show your feelings. Delightful Gift Set

Delightful Gift Set is the sweetest and cutest present for her.

Regular Price: USD115.00
Magnificent Bouquet of 33 Roses will make her day brighter and happier. Magnificent Bouquet of 33 Roses

Amazing round-shaped bouquet of most delicate flowers was made to fill hearts with tender feeling of joy and happiness.

Regular Price: USD150.00
Sale Price: USD120.00
Unique gift box to make anyone happy at instant. Golden Heart Arrangement

A box full of exquisite roses and a Ferrero Rocher Chocolates.

Regular Price: USD120.95
A great gift to celebrate romantic feelings. “Sensational Heart” Arrangement

Treat your dear ones to a wonderful surprise with this stunning gift.

Regular Price: USD125.95

Make your dear ones feel special with awesome Valentine`s Day gift “Blooming Love” Arrangement

“Blooming Love” Arrangement is designed to make your sweetheart's heart sing.

Regular Price: USD125.95
A luxurious display of your feelings for that special someone Huggalicious Bear with 19 Roses

An adorable teddy bear and a bouquet of 19 romantic roses.

Regular Price: USD126.00
Tender Summer Bouquet will make her day unforgettable. Tender Summer Bouquet

Show your affection to your beloved by sending Tender Summer Bouquet.

Regular Price: USD127.95


White is a color of triumph and is used on many celebrations. It also means pureness, tenderness and new beginnings. On the contrary to the red roses a bouquet of white roses expresses eternal love that is stronger than any earthy feeling. It doesn’t say about passion, it puts feelings on the first place. White lilies stay for purity and innocence.

White chrysanthemums are often given to young girls as symbol of youth, modesty and freshness. So if you have an unclouded true feeling than white flowers bouquet can be your first choice as a gift to Ukraine.