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Ballon in Rainbow Colors Fabulous Heart-shaped Ballons will make festive mood. Ptichie Moloko to Ukraine
Ballon in Rainbow Colors
Regular Price: USD2.95
A Fabulous Heart-shaped Ballon
Regular Price: USD3.95

Ptichie Moloko
Regular Price: USD10.95

These colorful balloons will certainly bring joy to the recipient's heart

A fabulous heart shaped balloon will put an instant smile on any face.

One of the most beloved chocolates of Ukrainians for many decades.

What a lovely gift for your sweetie! Sweets from Roshen will please those you love. Caramel chocolates from Roshen will please those you love.
"Cherry Queen"
Regular Price: USD11.95

Assortment chocolates from Roshen
List Price: USD11.95
Regular Price: USD11.95


Delicious dessert sweets with cherry without stone in cherry syrup - absolute delight.

Let your beloved ones feel the sweetness of your love through the glorious taste of candies, which will amaze you with heavenly flavor.

Delicious, elegant and exquisite chocolates for real caramel lover.

Tiramisu chocolates can be a great gift for a great person Palitra Assortment Chocolates will put a nice smile on her face Korzinka Chocolates to Ukraine
"Palitra Assortment" Chocolates
Regular Price: USD11.95
Korzinka Chocolates from Liubimov
Regular Price: USD12.95

Very delicious chocolates for your sweet lady.

Surprise your dear person with Palitra Assortment chocolates.

Send your love to your sweetheart with best Ukrainian Chocolates.

Ukrainian Millennium Chocolate Send Raffaello that will make a pleasant gift for your beloved. Domior to Ukraine
Millennium Riviera Chocolate
Regular Price: USD13.95
Regular Price: USD14.95

Regular Price: USD14.95


Enchant your sweetheart by sending exquisite treat from Millennium.

Individually Wrapped Ferrero Raffaello is a Crispy, Creamy Coconut Almond Treat.

Beautiful and tasty treat for black chocolate lovers.

Assorti from AVK to Ukraine Korona de Luxe is a popular Ukrainian sweets. "Kiev Vecherny" is a popular gift to Kiev and all Ukrainian cities.
Assorti from AVK
Regular Price: USD16.95
"Korona' finest Ukrainian chocolates
Regular Price: USD17.95

"Kiev Vecherny" chocolates
Regular Price: USD17.95


An assortment of unforgettable tastes will help you impress your beloved.

Choose the best sweets from Korona for your special people in Ukraine.

"Kiev Vecherny" are the most popular sweets in Ukraine produced by the Kiev confectionery manufacturer "Roshen"

Strela to Ukraine The Parrot Dreamer Smalt Mosaic Set is a useful present. 9 Curly Carnations Bouquet
Regular Price: USD17.95

9 Curly Carnations Bouquet
Regular Price: USD25.95
Sale Price: USD20.95

A beautifully arranged box of high quality chocolate arrows.

Give a child an opportunity to create her or his own masterpiece.

The best way to show your respect and love to somebody you care of.

A wonderful piece to add to child's collection Your imagination classic glass vase is a perfect addition to any floral arrangement. Golden Evening to Ukraine
Zephyr Dragon Stuffed Animal
Regular Price: USD20.95

Your imagination Classic Glass Vase
Regular Price: USD21.95

Golden Evening
Regular Price: USD22.95

Zephyr Dragon makes a great gift to surprise.

A beautiful glass flower vase perfect for any of our many bouquet selections.

Golden Evening Chocolates depict amazing and romantic atmosphere of the capital of Ukraine!

Gorgeous roses arrangement of beauty, scent and affection. Box of Chocolates "Love IS" to Ukraine Sweet surprise for someone special in Ukraine
Always on My Mind Bouquet
Regular Price: USD29.00
Sale Price: USD23.00

"Love IS" Box of Chocolates "
Regular Price: USD24.95

Compliments Box of Chocolates
Regular Price: USD25.95


Show How Much You Care with 5 Fresh, Fragrant Ukrainian Roses.

Treat the chocolate lovers in your life with these 40 pc gift box.

Wow your loved ones with this delicious gift on Valentine's Day.

Say “I Love You” with this nice box of chocolates Say compliments with our romantic box of chocolates Treat her with tempting chocolate treats, sure to sweeten up her celebration.
“I Love You” Box of Chocolates
Regular Price: USD25.95
“My Charming Lady” chocolates
Regular Price: USD25.95

A perfect combination of beauty and amazing taste.

A perfect gift to express both delicious and heartwarming wishes.

Send romantic wishes with each chocolate.

Pamper your loved one with this excellent selection of chocolate candies. 7 roses bouquet will show your affection. Beautiful multicolored roses from best florists
“Love You” chocolates
Regular Price: USD25.95
"Thinking about You" 7 roses bouquet
Regular Price: USD32.00
Sale Price: USD26.00

"You are Fabulous" 7 Multicolored Roses
Regular Price: USD32.00
Sale Price: USD26.00


Say "I love you" in 20 sweet ways.

7 Beautiful Roses to Show Care and Appreciation for Your Loved One.

This 7 roses bouquet silently whispers "You are Fabulous".


Enjoy same day delivery of gifts and fresh flowers from local Moldova florists. Choose from gorgeous flowers, gift baskets, fine wine, toys, gifts and much more. Unona is proud to feature an amazing selection at very reasonable prices..

Personal Moldova delivery fee is only $15! It includes free translation of your greeting message and a free digital photo of delivery. Sending flowers to Moldova has never been easier!