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Thoughtful Gifts Sets for Delivery in Ukraine

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Orange and Cinnamon Aroma Diffuser Set Orange and Cinnamon Aroma Diffuser Set

The Orange and Cinnamon Aroma Diffuser Set will fill the house of you beloved with its fresh and warm fragrance.

Regular Price: USD19.95

“Sweet Love” Gift Set will show your love. “Sweet Love” Chocolate Gift Set

New!Pick this wonderful set of Heart-shaped candies which will show your feelings better than words.

Regular Price: USD21.95

Aroma Diffuser Gift Set Aroma Diffuser Gift Set

The Aromatherapy Diffuser Sticks is a perfect gift for spa-lover.

Regular Price: USD24.95
Mini-Macarons Soap Gift Set "Mini-Macarons" Soap Gift Set

Make a remarkable gift for your beloved person with this charming soap gift set.

Regular Price: USD24.95
Send Personalized Signed Cup for a special occasion or just because! Personalized Signed Cup

A unique personalized cup for those who are special.

Regular Price: USD29.95

Sweet Truck is a delicious and useful gift Sweet Truck

A dream of every little man!

Regular Price: USD29.95
Ukraine Tea Collection Diamond Tea Collection

Treat your beloved with the finest cup of hot tasty tea this cold fall evenings. Give this fairy-tale to your close people!

Regular Price: USD33.95

Strawberry Body Care Gift Set for your dear person Strawberry Body Care Gift Set

Shower your beloved lady with s strawberry rain!

Regular Price: USD35.95
Just Because Gift Set will show your tender feelings Just Because Gift Set

Just Because Gift Set is an easy way to brighten her day.

Regular Price: USD39.95
Tender Body Care Gift Set "Dushka" Tender Body Care Gift Set "Dushka"

This Tender Body Care Gift Set will make her think of you every day and night.

Regular Price: USD39.95
“Rainbow” Scented Candle Gift Set “Rainbow” Scented Candle Gift Set

Aromatherapy candles for those who is always in your mind.

Regular Price: USD43.95

Rainbow Body Care Set for your beloved one Rainbow Body Care Gift Set

Here is an amazing rainbow gift for your special rainbow person.

Regular Price: USD44.95
Sweet gift for a coffee-lover. “Chocolate Pleasures” Gift Set

When you want to give the very best, spoil your beloved ones with this collection of high quality candies and the best coffee.

Regular Price: USD45.95

Currant Candles Set to Ukraine Currant Candles Set

A gift to enhance the home with light and beauty.

Regular Price: USD45.95

Teatime Gift Set is a nice gift for a tea-lover. Teatime Gift Set

A tea-themed gift set that overflows with five types of premium teas and tasty chocolate treats.

Regular Price: USD52.95

Splendid gift set makes an excellent Ukraine gift for those you love and care about. Romantic Tea-Time Gift Set

A delicious gift set which gives hours of enjoyment.

Regular Price: USD52.95
Spa Organic Gift Set for your sweetheart. Spa Organic Gift Set

A complete gift of peaceful relaxation for your beloved.

Regular Price: USD53.95

Send XOXO Gift Set as a gift to your special one with all your love. XOXO Gift Set

Send Hugs and Kisses to Your Beloved with a Sweet Gift Set

Regular Price: USD53.95

Arts and Crafts Gift Set is a great gift for your creative child Arts and Crafts Gift Set

Arts and Crafts Gift Set is a hit to boost creativity in any child.

Regular Price: USD54.95
Gorgeous 9 Roses make a perfect gift with Ferrero Rondnoir Chocolates. 9 Roses and Ferrero Chocolates

This gift is so elegant and so attractive!

Regular Price: USD58.00

Exquisite gift for joy of your beloved ones. Sophisticated Tea Collection

Delicious and exquisite set is one of the finest Ukraine gifts that can bring a lot of joy to your loved ones.

Regular Price: USD58.95
Sweet Hugs Gift Set will show your warm feelings. Sweet Hugs Gift Set

Even being far away from your beloved, you may send warmest hugs to her with this wonderful plush teddy bear.

Regular Price: USD59.95

Chocolate Fantasy Fondue and the freshest fruits is a perfect gift. Chocolate and Fruit Fantasy Fondue

Magnificent chocolate fondue with premium juicy fruits for Ukraine Gift Delivery.

Regular Price: USD67.95

Send Sweet Romance Gift Set to your dearest one with all your love Sweet Romance Gift Set

Send Sweet Romance Gift Set to show your true feelings, love and care

Regular Price: USD75.95
Exceptional gift set makes a great Ukraine gift for those you care about. Tea For Two Gift Set

Romantic and sweet gift set for two lovebirds or two close friends is one of the finest Ukraine gifts that can bring joy to your loved people.

Regular Price: USD79.95
Flowers and Fruits Gift Basket for dear person in Ukraine Flowers and Fruits Gift Basket

An amazing gift for your amazing person on any occasion

Regular Price: USD79.95

Gorgeous roses with a lovely teddy bear will surely please your sweetheart. 11 Gorgeous Roses and a Teddy Bear

How could anyone resist this soft adorable teddy bear accompanying a dozen of fabulous roses arranged in a traditional bouquet with natural greens?

Regular Price: USD81.00

Three Hearts Gift Set will charm her with its romance. Three Hearts Gift Set

Three Hearts Gift Set will convey a message of love to her heart!

Regular Price: USD81.00

Happy Birthday Gift Set will show your care. Happy Birthday Gift Set

Convey your heartfelt wishes by sending Happy Birthday Gift Set to Ukraine.

Regular Price: USD84.00
Milka Pleasures Gift Basket for a special person Milka Pleasures Gift Basket

Premium assortment of  Milka and Kinder chocolates has a bit of everything and makes a great choice for any recipient.

Regular Price: USD89.95

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