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Send New Year Gifts to Ukraine

Ukraine New Year Gift
Enjoy the magical holiday spirit of New Year and send Ukraine New Year gifts to your beloved, family and friends. Traditional Ukraine gifts for New Year are personalized and include perfumes, jewelry, cosmetics, gift sets, chocolates, toys and electronic devices. Ukraine Gift Delivery offers reliable delivery within 1-3 days of New Year gifts to all cities of Ukraine. Browse our amazing selection of Ukraine New Year presents, and find the perfect way to show your love this holiday season!

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Shedevr is a sweet Ukrainian gift. Prestige sweets for your candy girl! "Kiev Vecherny" is a popular gift to Kiev and all Ukrainian cities.
Shedevr chocolates
Regular Price: USD11.95

Prestige Chocolate Candies from Lyubimov
Regular Price: USD11.95

"Kiev Vecherny" chocolates
Regular Price: USD12.95


Premium class sweets "Shedevr'' from a Ukrainian confectioner AVK.

Make the day of your beloved ones happier by presenting them a great Ukraine gift.

"Kiev Vecherny" are the most popular sweets in Ukraine produced by the Kiev confectionery manufacturer "Roshen"

Send Confections Paradise as a hamper for your dearest one. Hand-made Birthday chocolates in Ukrainian. Dark and Milk Collection is a classic gift.
Confections Paradise
Regular Price: USD18.95

Happy Birthday Chocolate Bar
Regular Price: USD18.95
Dark and Milk Chocolate Collection
Regular Price: USD19.95


A collection of finest confections in a cute tin box.

Sweet and lovely way to wish Happy Birthday to the one you care about.

Surprise your beloved one with this wonderful Collection of high quality Dark and Milk Chocolate Bars.

Lovely Hearts Spacer Charm Golden Key Cake as a gift to Ukraine. Hand-made Macarons Cookies in Ukrainian.
Lovely Hearts Spacer Charm
Regular Price: USD19.95

Golden Key Cake
Regular Price: USD19.95
To the Best Mother Chocolate Bar
Regular Price: USD20.95

Send your love by giving this charming spacer as a gift to Ukraine.

Treat your dearest ones with a delicious cake saturated with cognac and cacao.

Impress the most important person for you with your care and exclusiveness.

Stylish USB Flash Drive will be a nice gift that a smart lady will appreciate. Luxurious Ballpoint Pen with Swarovski Crystal Elements will be an elegant gift that a smart lady will appreciate. Hand-made gourmet chocolates in Ukrainian.
Stylish USB Flash Drive
Regular Price: USD24.95
Gourmet Handmade Chocolate Assortment
Regular Price: USD24.95


USB Flash Drive will not only storage all necessary information but also can be a stylish accessory!

Luxurious Ballpoint Pen with Swarovski Crystal Elements is a perfect gift for a lady who works in the office.

Enjoy the variety of delicious gourmet handmade chocolates.

The chocolates are hand-made, they are made in Kiev and orders are accepted only on business days

Cinderella’s Pumpkin Carriage Charm Heart-Shaped Flower Charm Magic Christmas Hat Charm
Heart-Shaped Flower Charm
Regular Price: USD24.95
Magic Christmas Hat Charm
Regular Price: USD24.95

Make your darling lady feel like a princess by giving pumpkin carriage charm.

Heart-Shaped Flower Charm unites romance and tender flower beauty.

This magic charm makes a wonderful addition to any chrams-lover collection as Christmas Gift to Ukraine.

Royal Crown Silver Charm Ethnic Turquoise Necklace Heart-Shaped Turquoise Necklace
Royal Crown Silver Charm
Regular Price: USD24.95
Ethnic Turquoise Necklace
Regular Price: USD24.95
Heart-Shaped Turquoise Necklace
Regular Price: USD24.95


Royal Crown Charm is specially designed to be given to a real Queen.

Ethnic Turquoise Necklace makes a nice gift for an ethnic style jewelry lover.

Heart-Shaped Turquoise Necklace will make a fine gift representing you love.

Mini-Macarons Soap Gift Set Hand-made Macaroons Cookies in Ukrainian. Cherry Queen Cake as a gift to Ukraine.
"Mini-Macarons" Soap Gift Set
Regular Price: USD24.95
Macaroons Cookies Set
Regular Price: USD25.95

Cherry Queen Cake
Regular Price: USD27.95
Make a remarkable gift for your beloved person with this charming soap gift set.

Make the day of your beloved one brighter with colorful set of sweet cookies.

Delicious, elegant and exquisite cake for a cherry and chocolate lover.

Hand-made Assorted Handmade Chocolates in Ukrainian. Kievsky Cake is a famous Ukrainian gift. Sweet Truck is a delicious and useful gift
Assorted Handmade Chocolates
Regular Price: USD27.95

Kievsky Cake
Regular Price: USD29.95

Sweet Truck
Regular Price: USD29.95

Assorted Handmade Chocolates is an exquisite way to express your congratulations to your dearest ones in Ukraine.

The chocolates are hand-made, they are made in Kyiv and orders are accepted only on business days

Kievsky cake is a traditional delicious cake loved by everyone in Ukraine

A dream of every little man!
Raffaello Chocolates in a Tin Box Mozart Heart Gift Box tastes like sweet music. Ukrainian Assorted Chocolate Candy Box
Raffaello Chocolates in a Tin Box
Regular Price: USD31.95
Mozart Heart Gift Box
Regular Price: USD32.95

Ukrainian Assorted Chocolate Candy Box
Regular Price: USD33.95


Here comes our all times best seller, this time in a tin box, perfect for deliveries to remote locations.

Show your beloved that all the world is at her feet, give her a piece of Europe with this masterpiece of Paul Reber and his “Mozart Collection”.

Treat your special one with the most popular tastes of the original Ukrainian chocolate candies.

Lovely pendant of an amazing beauty will make a terrific Ukraine gift for any lady. Hand-made gourmet chocolates in Ukrainian. Spatifillum is a wonderful plant that will bring happiness.
White Pendant with Swarovski Element Crystals
Regular Price: USD67.95
Sale Price: USD33.95
Regular Price: USD35.95


Surprise your loved lady with a gorgeous Ukraine gift that will make her heart melt out of love.

Surprise your beloved one with these mouth watering gourmet handmade chocolates.

This plant is a really special gift to Ukraine for any woman as it is meant to bring love and happiness.


New Years is a very important holiday in Ukraine. Family,friends and colleagues are congratulated with thoughtful presents, greeting cards, sweets and bottles of champagne. Other common gifts include toys, book, Dvds, clothes, jewelry, perfumes….but in general Ukraine New Years gifts vary according to taste and finances. Browse all of Ukraine Gift Delivery and find the perfect gift for your loved ones!