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Tiramisu chocolates can be a great gift for a great person Send Raffaello that will make a pleasant gift for your beloved. Korona de Luxe is a popular Ukrainian sweets.
Regular Price: USD14.95

"Korona' finest Ukrainian chocolates
Regular Price: USD17.95


Very delicious chocolates for your sweet lady.

Individually Wrapped Ferrero Raffaello is a Crispy, Creamy Coconut Almond Treat.

Choose the best sweets from Korona for your special people in Ukraine.

“Sweet Love” Gift Set will show your love. Golden Key Cake as a gift to Ukraine. Ferrero Rocher
“Sweet Love” Chocolate Gift Set
Regular Price: USD21.95

Golden Key Cake
Regular Price: USD22.95

Ferrero Rocher
Regular Price: USD25.95


New!Pick this wonderful set of Heart-shaped candies which will show your feelings better than words.

Treat your dearest ones with a delicious cake saturated with cognac and cacao.

Make the day of your beloved ones happier by presenting them a great Ukraine gift.

Hand-made gourmet chocolates in Ukrainian. Gorgeous roses arrangement of beauty, scent and affection. gourmet chocolates to Ukraine.
Gourmet Handmade Chocolate Assortment
Regular Price: USD27.95

Always on My Mind Bouquet
Regular Price: USD29.00


Enjoy the variety of delicious gourmet handmade chocolates.

The chocolates are hand-made, they are made in Kiev and orders are accepted only on business days

Show How Much You Care with 5 Fresh, Fragrant Ukrainian Roses.

Chocolate gift sure to set their hearts aflutter!
7 roses bouquet will show your affection. Kievsky Cake is a famous Ukrainian gift. Delicious "Ferrero" is the tastiest sweet.
"Thinking about You" 7 roses bouquet
Regular Price: USD32.00

Kievsky Cake
Regular Price: USD35.95

Delicious Ferrero Prestige 23
Regular Price: USD39.95


7 Beautiful Roses to Show Care and Appreciation for Your Loved One.

Kievsky cake is a traditional delicious cake loved by everyone in Ukraine.

Rosher chocolates are great as a gift or as a part of a gift basket to any occasion

gourmet chocolates to Ukraine. 11 roses arrangement expresses feelings stronger than words. Awake Love 11 Colorful Roses Bouquet is what she wants to see every day
Luxury Chocolate Collection
Regular Price: USD40.95
"Sweetheart" 11 roses bouquet
Regular Price: USD44.00

"Awake Love" 11 Colorful Roses Bouquet
Regular Price: USD44.00

Sweet surprise for the gourmand in your life.

This elegant feminine Ukraine flower arrangement includes eleven beautiful roses with accent greenery, arranged by Ukraine floral artists.

This bright colorful bouquet of 11 magnificent roses will make her heart melt

gourmet chocolates to Ukraine. Sweet chocolates and gorgeous roses will win her heart. Mixed Nuts Gift Tray makes a nice gift for a nuts-lover.
"Love You so Much" set
Regular Price: USD47.00

Mixed Nuts Gift Tray
Regular Price: USD49.95
This beautiful heart makes a truly romantic chocolate gift ... or simply a huge treat!

Here is a perfect combo! Send the flowers of love and delicious chocolates to someone special today.

This gift combination of five sweet and savory nuts is perfect for movie night, holidays, or any time you want to send some fun!

Send XOXO Gift Set as a gift to your special one with all your love. Tender Body Care Gift Set "Dushka" Phaelenopsis Orchid is tender and most loved plant.
XOXO Gift Set
Regular Price: USD53.95

Tender Body Care Gift Set "My Angel"
Regular Price: USD55.95

Phaelenopsis Orchid
Regular Price: USD59.95


Send Hugs and Kisses to Your Beloved with a Sweet Gift Set

This Tender Body Care Gift Set will make her think of you every day and night.

A lovely elegant orchid is the perfect choice to send to Ukraine on any occasion.

gourmet chocolates to Ukraine. Blue Tower will make a lovely winter present. “Sweet Love” Gift Set will show your deepest feeling.
Chocolate Pizza
Regular Price: USD60.95
Blue Chocolate Tower
Regular Price: USD61.95

“Sweet Love” Gift Set
Regular Price: USD63.95

With a gift of chocolate - just for your special someone!

Blue Chocolate Tower’s diversity of tastes will not allow anybody to stay indifferent.

New!Better than a love note, birthday card or flowersthis gift is perfect for a chocoholic.

Devotion 13 Roses Bouquet opens your heart. Elegant Fruit Tray will make a wonderful and healthy gift. gourmet chocolates to Ukraine.
Devotion 13 Roses Bouquet
Regular Price: USD68.00

Elegant Fruit Tray
Regular Price: USD69.95


A bright floral composition of red and white roses will win her heart with its purity and passion!

Order this gift basket for someone special as a thoughtful and kind gift to them and you will receive special thanks

Show how sweet your love is.
flowers Ukraine Deluxe Dried Fruit Set makes a fine gift for dried fruit lovers. Peruvian lilies will make a bright Ukraine gift.
“Devastating Like You” Bouquet
Regular Price: USD71.95
Deluxe Dried Fruit Set
Regular Price: USD74.95

Colorful Alstroemerias Bouquet
Regular Price: USD75.95


Surprise someone on their special day with “Devastating Like You” Bouquet.

A nice collection of healthy snack foods in an attractive bamboo gift tray is a perfect way to show your care.

Bright and blooming alstroemerias will please your dearest one on a special occasion or just because.