Children without families are the most vulnerable people in the entire world. We cannot really understand the hunger of the orphans for love and care, but we can at least do something to make them happier. They have no parents to shower them with gifts for special occasions and coming Christmas holidays and so we must pamper them with love and gifts for special occasions and especially during the COVID times.

If you are thinking of ordering gift to an orphanage in Ukraine but have some doubts, we would like to share with you the best gift ideas to orphanages in Ukraine that would be both of use and delight for small recipients.

Vitamin gifts - Fruit Baskets and Sets

A fruit basket is a perfect gift idea because of fruits rich in minerals and vitamins. These fruits will improve kids’ immune system and minds during winter times. So fulfill the need for wholesome nutrition to the growing bodies through a fruit basket. Order fruit basket and gift sets online and surprise your loved ones with healthy treats to convey Christmas greetings or just to show your love.

Baskets with Treats and Chocolates

Beautiful gift basket loaded with chocolate, candies and favorite treats makes adorable gift for orphan children, since they cannot afford themselves such pleasures any time. So we can make sweet gesture to bring happiness to them by sending chocolates and treats. You could find great variety of boxed chocolates, gift baskets and gift sets overflowing with sweets that can be easily shared in a company of mates.

Toys and Stuffed Animals

Like all other children orphan kids like playing with toys. So consider gifting them some toy they dreamed about or that suits their age perfectly. Any cute stuffed animal or cartoon character will become a favorite fellow for a kid. Send stuffed animals to your little kids on St. Nicholas Day, Christmas, or any day to convey your love and affection to them.

We offer great variety of the most popular stuffed toys, dolls, mini heroes, Hot Wheels playing sets, advent calendars, Lego collections, development games, puzzles that could catch children’s fancy. Sure you will find a perfect toy for every taste.

Christmas is time to work wonders for small hearts left without parents. You cannot be with your orphan kids on special occasions yet, but at least you can give them the warmth and shower them with love and affection over the distance. Use our tips to make orphan children feel part of your family this holiday season. And, remember the most important gift for orphans - Your Love For Them.