December 19th is always such an exciting day for Ukrainian kids every year. As a child I remember waiting impatiently for morning to find gifts from St. Nicholas under my pillow, then exciting sharing goodies with my siblings and playing toys together. It was always like a run through for Christmas ahead. Even when we were older, we kept up the tradition of St. Nicholas' gifts and even now this tradition remains unchanged in my own family.

Now that I'm working in a gift delivery service, I am always excited to see happy and satisfied people when they receive gifts during holiday season. Often, it's hard to remember to pick up little surprises for St. Nicholas Day because it comes so quickly, right before New Year and Christmas rush. So I've compiled a list of the most popular St. Nicholas gifts this year to put in the shoes that sure will delight the smallest recipients in Ukraine.

Sweet gifts are traditional St. Nicholas Day gifts in Ukraine. Every child will be excited to find chocolate treats in a stocking. I would like to share with you other available options that would find child’s fancy on St. Nicholas Day. Check our yummiest treats in the categories For Children and Chocolates, such as hand-made cookies in a holiday style tin box, gift sets with sweets, hand-made chocolates assortment, confection sets in boxes, candy boxes, cup filled with chocolates, sweet truck.

Fruit gifts are the part of St. Nicholas Day tradition. Such fruits like apples and oranges usually are found under pillow in combination with sweets. For bigger excitement of your small recipient choose fruit baskets and sets, artfully arranged and gift wrapped by our couriers. So fulfill the need for vitamins to the growing bodies during holiday season.

Toys - where can we go without them! All kids like playing with toys and finding they favorite one under the pillow this St. Nicholas Day. So consider gifting them some toy they dreamed about or that suits their age perfectly. Any cute stuffed animal or cartoon character will become a favorite fellow for a kid. Send stuffed animals to your little kids on St. Nicholas Day to convey your love and affection.

I would like to suggest you to choose a combination of practical and exciting gifts for children in view of their age and hobbies. Your attention to child’s needs and a bit of imagination will give a hint to the most appreciated gift. I’m sure you will make them “wow” this year with St. Nicholas Day surprise.