Orthodox Christmas

Ukrainian Christmas is a wonderful traditional holiday when all members of the family gather to spend time together. This is the holiday of peace and joy. It is celebrated according to the Julian calendar and begins on January 6th with Holy Dinner. When the first star appears in the sky the celebration starts, it means that Jesus Christ was born. Holy Dinner consists of twelve different dishes representing twelve Apostoles or twelve month. Traditionally, they all have to be meatless and milkless dishes. The first dish is “Kutya”. It is similar to pudding made from cooked wheat or rice, honey, raisins and nuts. Wheat symbolizes hope, honey means success and happiness. Then people go to church and listen to Christmas sermons.

Nowadays not so many people keep a fast, and most Ukrainians prepare twelve dishes with meat, ham, milk and other products. The whole family gathers for dinner to share a good meal, enjoy warm atmosphere and have a good time. Some Ukrainians also invite their close friends for Christmas dinner. Godchildren bring traditional Christmas dish “Kutya” and handmade cakes to their godparents to have Holy Dinner together. Godparents give them gifts such toys, chocolates and fruits. Friends and relatives bring Christmas baskets filled with food, fruits, cookies, chocolates and wine.

On January 7th children go from house to house, from flat to flat and sing carols, traditional holiday songs and wish everything good to people, adults give them sweets and money. Guests are also waited for and treated generously in every house. People say each other “Z Rizdvom Khrystovym” and wish happiness, health, love, joy and peace.
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