7 Tips on Gift Giving on Ukrainian Christmas

In Ukraine on December 25th, Western Christmas, is usually celebrated by Catholic Ukrainians mainly in the West of Ukraine. New Year is the most cheerful holiday and follows on December 31st, and finally Orthodox Ukrainian Christmas is celebrated on January 7th.

You might already be thinking of what gifts you would like to send to your loved ones in Ukraine. Today I am going to share with you seven helpful tips on Holiday Gift Giving so that this year you could give them an unforgettable gift, get the best deal, and make sure your whole gift delivery experience is flawless.

Tip 1:
The most important tip for this very busy holiday season is: Shop early, shop now. Many of our gifts are in limited supply, so by placing your order in advance you will ensure that the gifts you choose are held for you, your delivery is properly scheduled and you will avoid higher last minute delivery fees.
Remember that you can place your order any time now and mark it for delivery on Christmas or New Year. And the good news: for all orders over $100 standard delivery is free.

Tip 2:
Cash out your Reward Points. By placing your orders throughout the year you have collected reward points, now you can get 5% back. Open your account > My Rewards, choose the available number of points and click “Redeem now”. This sum will be automatically applied towards your payment.

Tip 3:
When you compose a greeting message, select a Christmas greeting card so that we could put the message on it. Adding this small detail will double the joy of your special person and she or he could keep your greeting card forever to remember this moment (women love to keep greeting cards;-). All deliveries include translation of your greeting message into Russian or Ukrainian. 

Tip 4:
If the person you are sending a gift to has a child, younger sister, or mom living in the same household, it would be very nice of you to send some little thing for them too. It could be a smaller bouquet for mother or a toy and a box of chocolates for a child. Such a grand gesture will be unexpected and very much appreciated.

Tip 5:
If you wanted to send a gift to Ukraine but couldn’t find it among our collection, you can place a custom order to provide your close person with the specific present you had in mind. Please note that we stop taking custom orders one week before Christmas due to the very busy holiday season.

Tip 6:
Taking videos of deliveries has become very popular. You can see the happiness in the eyes of your loved ones, you can hear their sweet voice, and keep this memory forever. But remember that we can take a video only with your recipient’s permission. Also, processing a video takes another business day so please expect to get your video the day after the delivery.

Tip 7:
To ensure on-time delivery of your Christmas gifts, please place your gift orders before:
For regional centers in Ukraine – December 24th, noon Kiev time
For small towns and villages – December 23d noon Kiev time.

And here is one extra tip from me: enjoy! Our job of delivering your love and your care is one of the best in the world, and I wish you to enjoy every moment of gift selection and gift giving with Ukraine Gift Delivery service. Happy holidays!

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