All babies, infants, and children fundamentally need love, care and warmth. Orphaned kids depreived of parental love are the most vulnerable and need much more to be cared and protected.

In total, 7 579 700 children live on the territory of Ukraine. It was found that more than 23 000 among them are orphans, another 47 229 are children deprived of parental care. There are 1180 orphanages are registered at the territory of Ukraine.

This sad statistics makes our hearts sink. So we decided to also share our warmth and care with little hearts. Our company has been involved in charity for orpahanges in Ukraine for many years. Orphaned children are lacking the parental care and joys of life that children from ordinary families have. 

Orphanages are always in need for hygiene products (nappies, baby wipes, shampoo, soaps, lotions, etc.), baby food, fruits, toys, warm clothes in winter, overalls, onsies. Few times during the year we deliver all these items to orphanages.

charity in Ukraine

Every year, on the eve of Christmas holidays, we start our charity campaign with orders from our customers. 10 percent of each order, which includes gifts for children, is donated to charity for orphanages. At this time, we inquire about the necessary things for orphanages, which they always lack.

To help the orphan children feel the family warmth that they miss so much, our company tries to time charitable activities during the Christmas holidays. We also like to make gifts to children from orphanages in Ukraine on St. Nicholas Day on December 19 and Orthodox Christmas on January 7. Usually gifts include treats and fruits presented in gift packages for each kid. Such gifts delight little ones and give them a feeling of care and love.

Every year on Children’s Day on June 1st we are also doing charity work for orphaned children. On this day, we bring the most necessary things to orphanages - clothes, fruits, gifts in order to somehow pamper the kids. 

Few years ago we helped to make repairs in the smallest kids’ room in an orphanage. With the help of our clients and company colleagues, money was collected for repair materials and the repair itself, and a water heater was installed, which the orphans so needed for a long time. We always try to do our best to please orphans with surprises and make their life much more comfortable.

This year one of our customers with a good heart made a charitable contribution for the purchase of 20 warm winter jackets, 35 warm overalls and fruits for Kherson Regional Children's Home. All these things were very necessary for the kids aged 0 - 4 years in the winter period taking into account the COVID 19 lockdown and quarantine. We are really grateful for his help and sincerely believe that there will be even more caring people to help orphanages in Ukraine. 

Anyone willing to participate in charity can contact our office with an initiative to help orphan children. It doesn't matter how much you are willing to spend. Every charitable contribution is of great importance.

Children without families are the most vulnerable people in the entire world. We cannot really understand the hunger of the orphans for love and care, but we can at least do something to make them happier. We invite everyone to participate in charity with us. Let's become kind wizards for children and do a good deed together.

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