Saint Nicholas Day in Ukraine

Once upon a time there was a very poor man with two children. His wife has died and he had no idea how to make ends meet for his kids. And when the Christmas was coming he realized he couldn’t get any treats for children. One night they all went to sleep in their old house full of worries and when they woke up they found a sack of food under their window. They were so happy and had no ideas who was their benefactor. The other night it happened again, only this time they’ve found a sack of clothes. The next night they all decided to stay awake all night to see who was that person who took care of them. Children eventually fall asleep but when father hear the footsteps on the porch he opened the window and saw a local bishop Saint Nicholas leaving another sack for him and his family. He woke up his kids and they all together opened the sack and found out it was full of shoes. But when they wanted to try them on they couldn’t fit because all the shoes were filled with walnuts, sweets and apples. It gave an origin to put presents into children’s shoes.

I think you will agree that Saint Nicholas is not so religious holiday as a celebration of human kindness and hope. This day was meant to remind us that in any situations we can create a miracle for people we care about. Sending gifts just for no reason, to remind of your warm feelings – that is what Saint Nicholas Day all about.

If you have close and loved people living in Ukraine with children you can express your love and care to them sending gifts to Ukraine. We here at UkraineGiftDelivery service will be more than happy to arrange your deliveries for those you love the most.

And remember, you don’t need a holiday to bring joy and happiness into lives of your beloved people. Happy Saint Nicholas Day to each and every one of you!.

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