The International Day of Friendship

Do you have a person in your life who knows you better than you know yourself? Someone who can make you happy at the most miserable moments of your life? A person who shares your madness when you are so happy that you go crazy? Congratulations, you’ve got the world’s best friend!

For over 50 years humanity had been celebrating The International Day of Friendship on the first Sunday of August. It seems to me that the importance of friendship is quite clear for each person. We all have different friends, some of them are closer, some are less.

I suppose, you will agree with me that it is quite pleasant to see that your friend appreciates you for just being there when needed, for sharing both happiness and sorrow. Don’t forget the things your friends have done for you, show them your love and gratitude by presenting a gift.

If you’ve got a gentle and romantic person for a friend, you can choose beautiful Ukraine flowers as one of the gifts to Ukraine, so that flowers would spread charming aroma throughout the room reminding of you. Also it could be a plush toy which will give your friend warm embrace during the time you spend apart and you can’t do it yourself. If you happen to have a chocolate lover for a friend, presenting chocolate bars and candies will be the perfect way to emphasize the sweetness of the time spent together. Big, terrific fruit basket will work great for supplying your friend with energy we all need so much, especially during long, hot summer days. If you know your friend’s taste really well, you may delight them with a bottle of a nice perfume, which also will bring up the memories of you.

If you make it personal, unique and creative you will be happy enough to see the nicest smile of joy at your friend's face.

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