The Ultimate Guide to Giving Easter Gifts

Easter is such a fun time of year. For Christians, it marks an important holy day, and for everyone it’s a time to celebrate the arrival of spring. There are many ways to celebrate this special day, including giving Easter gifts. Keep reading for tips on how to make your next Easter the best one yet.

Easter Celebration Traditions
Today, Easter is dominated by images of eggs, tiny chicks, and frolicking bunnies. How did these symbols become so important? The word “Easter” may derive from “Eostre,” a pagan goddess associated with spring and fertility. One myth states that Eostre turned a bird into a rabbit to keep it from dying in the cold. Its fur kept it warm so it lived, but it still laid eggs like a bird, which may be where the connection between Easter eggs and Easter rabbits began.

In the Christian tradition, the connection between eggs and Easter may come from Mary Magdalene, one of the first people to see Jesus after the Resurrection. One tradition says that Mary was holding a plain egg that turned bright red when Jesus rose from the dead. Historically, Christians have prepared for Easter by giving up ordinary foods, such as eggs. For many, Easter became known as “Egg Sunday,” because it was a day of celebration where such restrictions were lifted.

It’s not surprising that a holiday that celebrates rebirth has such an emphasis on children. There are many Easter traditions that children can take part in, such as dyeing Easter eggs, setting out baskets for the Easter Bunny to put treats in, and scouring the house and yard during an Easter egg hunt. These fun traditions help children connect to this special day, and allow parents to experience the holiday joy through their young one’s eyes.

Giving Easter Gifts
Giving gifts is a popular way to celebrate Easter, and no Easter gift is more popular than the Easter basket. Easter baskets are traditionally filled with treats related to the holiday, including beautifully dyed eggs and chocolates. Chocolate remains a common theme among modern Easter baskets, but you’ll also find baskets filled with plush toys, delicious fruits, and soothing teas.

Spring flowers are another common Easter gift. A bright bouquet of tulips or a vase full of fragrant lilies is certain to spread the holiday joy to whomever you give it to. Daffodils, alstroemerias, and irises are also popular springtime flowers that make a lovely addition to a colorful Easter bouquet.

Spending Easter with the People You Love
Easter is one of those holidays where it just makes sense to connect with the people you love the most. Whether your loved ones are down the block or across the world, use this holiday to give the gift of yourself. When your gifts to Ukraine are accompanied by a personal card, a phone call, a Skype chat, or even an in-person visit, the joy of Easter is sure to spread.

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