April Fool’s Day

April 1st is International Fool’s day celebrated worldwide. As with most holidays it came from ancient times. It is Interesting to know that each country has its own legend that glorifies the God or Goddess of humor and the date of the celebration coincides. For example, Hellenes (ancient Greeks) celebrated Demetra’s festival or the day when Demetra’s daughter Prosperina was kidnapped by the God of the underworld Hades. Romans organized celebrations in honor of the God of Humor right after equinox. Scandinavians also claim that this holiday was invented by Asamas (Gods) themselves. Indians celebrated the birth of Goddess Sita and tried to play pranks of each other in order to catch her interest. 

It is believed that April 1st came to Ukraine in the beginning of 18th century from Germany and Ukrainians really liked this tradition. Now it is called April 1st or Fool’s Day. The phrase for this day is: “On the first of April I believe nobody”. People play practical jokes of many kinds, usually, to make the others believe in something that is not true. Lately, some jokers turn into double jokes. For example, they paint their jacket with white chalk. When somebody tries to tell them about it, they constantly repeat: “You are making a joke of me. I don’t believe you. It is April 1st today”. People try to make as much fun of each other as possible and also give funny Ukraine gifts. They are most susceptible in the morning, when everybody is still sleepy or doesn’t remember what day it is.

Person - April Fool’s Day
April 1st is not an official holiday in Ukraine, but people enjoy celebrating it. Big attention is paid to this day in Odessa. Each year Odessites celebrate so called “Yumorina” – a festival of humor and satire. Its name is derived from the word “humor”. On this day you can see people in the streets dressed up as some funny TV characters. One can make photos with them, go to concerts or clowns shows, watch comedy films, participate in caricatures and fun photo competitions. In 2014 the government decided that “Yumorina” can’t be a citywide event, due to the sad events in Ukraine, but the celebration itself is not forbidden. So Odessa citizens and the guests of the city still have their chance to celebrate.

I wish you to have a wonderful mood not only on the 1st of April, but also all year long. Laugh, smile, have fun! Laughter makes life longer!

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