St. Nicholas’ Day is coming soon. It is a very special time for children. Like in Western Christian countries, where it is celebrated on December 6th, recently Ukraine started to celebrate St. Nicholas Day on December 6th as well. In Ukraine this holiday is associated with putting small presents under the pillow for children at night. 

Saint Nicholas Day is not about receiving large or expensive gifts. Because Saint Nicholas was known for helping the poor, similar traditions have become part of the modern celebration of Saint Nicholas Day. The tradition is oriented to sharing and giving to others. Saint Nicholas Day gifts can be small and relatively simple. Attention is above all.

Here are 5 St. Nicholas Day Gift Ideas for Children to keep in the spirit of the holiday:

Sweet Presents

It's rather hard to imagine a holiday without sweet treats. To follow the traditions of Saint Nicholas, try to choose some chocolate treats, candy canes and chocolate coins to put under your kid’s pillow. Holiday style candy packs are another festive treat perfect for St. Nicholas Day. Your small toddler will be delighted.


Few are aware that one of the most traditional gift options associated with St. Nicholas is oranges. Symbol of the famous story of St. Nicholas is gold he was dropping down a chimney or through a window to help the poor. Oranges also traditionally symbolize the gold. Oranges can be substituted with tangerines or complemented with chocolate treats.

Small Toys

Hide toy car or small doll under the pillow or put into the shoes of your child for St. Nicholas Day. Such gifts can bring lots of excitement for your little ones. New toy will become their favorite friend during winter holidays. A toy truck filled with sweets will become an even bigger surprise for your kid.

Games and Crafts

For the persevering children we would advice to choose a party game, lego set or puzzles. A coloring book or color reveal light catcher also offer lots of fun. These options are great for fitting under the pillow. Encourage your kids to enjoy the new games together or invite friends over to play.

Cuddly Toy

Children adore cuddly toys and teddy bears. It isn’t significant whether it is a little bear, or a doll, important is that it should be something bringing relief to your baby, sense of security and joy just at the very sight of this little friend.

St. Nicholas Day is a very special holiday in Ukraine. The tradition of giving gifts to children, relatives and those in need is of the same importance as on Christmas and New Year. Follow our gift ideas to delight your beloved kid on this special holiday. Happy St. Nicholas Day!

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