Easter Gifts Guide

The festive spirit of the Easter holiday is here. Gift stores in Ukraine offer a wide variety of items themed according to the holiday: Easter decorations, flowers, gift baskets, toys, chocolates, and so much more. When it comes to selecting a gift for someone special – for a lady, family, child, or for business partners, the choices become endless and it is easy to get lost. Here are some Easter gift ideas to help you to share the spirit of Easter with the people you love in Ukraine:


  • Easter marks the onset of spring so you can never go wrong with a bouquet of flowers associated with spring, such as tender lilies, bright tulips, festive daffodils, gerberas, or a mix of all of them for your beloved lady.
  • Gift your special woman an opportunity to pamper herself. Perhaps a gorgeous spa basket, having a collection of fine bath or skin care products. She will love it.
  • As an alternative to regular sweets, gift her a fancy bouquet of edible fruit, or hand made chocolates. Accompany the gift with a romantic greeting card. We will add special Easter gift wrapping.


  • Food baskets make a nice gift for the whole family. Get a delightful combination of fruits of the spring season, as well as goodies and jams. We will have them decorated beautifully with an Easter theme to match the occasion.
  • For a traditional Easter gift, consider an Easter cake. This yummy gift will bring the real Easter feeling.
  • Flowers have the power to express what can't be said by words. Present a flower basket to celebrate the spring season whole-heartedly with a sweet aroma and vibrant colors.


  • Plush teddy bear animals are a great gift idea for kids on the Easter. Apart from the standard bunny you can choose stuffed puppies, teddies, ducks,and lambs as well. Add also Easter goodies for a sweet treat.
  • Kinder Eggs is a gift that most kids anticipate each holiday. A basket full of chocolate Kinder Eggs will surely excite your dear toddler on Easter.
  • For those with a sweet tooth, opt for a snack basket filled with the yummiest chocolates, goodies, and drinks. Wrap it creatively and you have a wonderful surprise in hand to present your child.


  • Present gourmet chocolates to your business partners. Collection of hand-made chocolates or a chocolate assortment is a thoughtful compliment to celebrate this holiday. We will add a festive bow and greeting card to your Easter gift.
  • Fruit baskets are a healthy gift that can be enjoyed by a big team. Chocolates or wine can be added in the Easter basket as a thoughtful touch.
  • A gourmet hamper containing exotic teas, coffee, and treats makes a wonderful corporate gift. This gift will make their holiday even more delicious and cherished.

There is nothing like giving a nice gift to friends, family and business partners. And what can be a better time than Easter to give a present to the people you love!

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