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Bouquet of white flowers

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flowers to ukraine, flower delivery in Ukraine “Reflections Of Love” Bouquet

For anyone who appreciates the natural beauty of red and cream roses.

Regular Price: USD43.95
Sale Price: USD35.95
flowers to ukraine, flowers in ukraine “Pink Charm” Bouquet

Charm your beautiful one with this tender bouquet that will melt her heart.

Regular Price: USD44.95
Sale Price: USD35.95
Roses are one of the most gorgeous and beloved gifts to Ukraine. “Tender Beauty” 13 roses bouquet

Surprise your beloved ones with an exquisite bouquet of magnificent beauty.

Regular Price: USD52.00
Sale Price: USD36.00

Minty Fresh Bouquet will surely show your passion. Minty Fresh Bouquet

An elegant arrangement to brighten up anyone's day.

Regular Price: USD45.95
Sale Price: USD36.95
flowers to ukraine "Wonderful Wishes" Bouquet

Wonderful Wishes Bouquet will express your feelings in the best way.

Regular Price: USD48.95
Sale Price: USD39.95

flowers to ukraine Bright Light Bouquet

A perfect bouquet to celebrate any occasion.

Regular Price: USD49.95
Sale Price: USD39.95
flowers ukraine Simply Dazzling Bouquet

Different shades of greens and whites are mixed in together in Simply Dazzling Bouquet.

Regular Price: USD49.00
Sale Price: USD40.00
flowers to ukraine Love Making Bouquet

Surprise someone special with incredible bouquet of roses and lilies.

Regular Price: USD50.95
Sale Price: USD40.95

flowers to ukraine Flower Symphony Bouquet

Celebrate happy events with fragrant bunch of pretty flowers.

Regular Price: USD51.95
Sale Price: USD41.95
Ukraine flowers Deliriously Happy Bouquet

Lift spirit with truly stunning bunch.

Regular Price: USD52.95
Sale Price: USD42.95
flowers to ukraine Beautiful Love Bouquet

These flowers will be the highlight of their day!

Regular Price: USD55.95
Sale Price: USD44.95
flowers to ukraine Amber Rose Mix Bouquet

Marvelous display to surprise.

Regular Price: USD56.95
Sale Price: USD45.95
flowers to ukraine Wonderful Angel Bouquet

The perfect gift for the irresistibly romantic amongst us.

Regular Price: USD57.95
Sale Price: USD46.95
send flowers to ukraine Fire and Ice Bouquet

A lovely display of white and red flowers.

Regular Price: USD59.95
Sale Price: USD47.95
flowers to ukraine, send flowers to ukraine “L'amour Toujours” Bouquet

For your special lady who deserves the sweetest flowers ever!

Regular Price: USD60.95
Sale Price: USD48.95
Ukraine flowers Unforgettable Present Bouquet

Send your greetings through this lovely fresh bouquet.

Regular Price: USD61.95
Sale Price: USD49.95
flowers to ukraine, flowers in ukraine “More Than Words” Bouquet

It is a unique gift designed to brighten their day.

Regular Price: USD62.95
Sale Price: USD50.95
flowers to ukraine, flower delivery in Ukraine “My Treasure” Bouquet

Present this special treasure bouquet to the treasure of your life.

Regular Price: USD64.95
Sale Price: USD51.95
Bright bouquet of the freshest lilies will be a lovely surprise. Spring Sunshine Bouquet

This beautiful flowers will bring sunshine for your dearest one even in a rainy day!

Regular Price: USD65.95
Sale Price: USD52.95

Ukraine flowers Ruby Kiss Bouquet

Makes a perfect representation of your love and care.

Regular Price: USD74.95
Sale Price: USD52.95
Devotion 13 Roses Bouquet opens your heart. Devotion 13 Roses Bouquet

A bright floral composition of red and white roses will win her heart with its purity and passion!

Regular Price: USD68.00
Sale Price: USD54.00

Make her smile be giving a lovely bouquet. Bright Gerberas and Chrysanthemums Bouquet

This charming bouquet will make a lovely just because gift to Ukraine.

Regular Price: USD68.95
Sale Price: USD55.95
Heart-Shaped Box of Flowers for your beloved one Heart-Shaped Box of Flowers

Heart-Shaped Box of Flowers will touch her heart and soul

Regular Price: USD69.95
Sale Price: USD55.95

"Forever Yours" Gift Box is a great combination of sweets and flowers your dear person will definitely enjoy "Forever Yours" Gift Box

If you are looking for an interesting way to surprise your beloved one, this colorful box of flowers with mouthmelting macarons will be that surprise you are looking for.

Regular Price: USD69.95
Sale Price: USD55.95
Ukraine flowers Sweet Charm Bouquet

Gift love and cheer with this lovely bunch of flowers.

Regular Price: USD79.95
Sale Price: USD55.95
Ukraine flowers Sugar Candy Arrangement

Best gift to express your love to the most special person of your life.

Regular Price: USD73.95
Sale Price: USD59.95
Send your sweetest wishes to Ukraine with Sweet Surprise Bouquet. Sweet Surprise Bouquet

Send your sweetest wishes to Ukraine with Sweet Surprise Bouquet.

Regular Price: USD75.95
Sale Price: USD60.95

Ukraine flowers Blushing Sweetness Bouquet

Lovely flowers to brighten up day.

Regular Price: USD86.95
Sale Price: USD60.95
Pretty White Lilies make a fragrant floral composition. Pretty White Lilies

A gift of classical good taste and elegance, this gorgeous bouquet of 7 short-stemmed white lilies turns any occasion into a special one.

Regular Price: USD76.95
Sale Price: USD61.95

Make love confession with "Hold My Heart" Arrangement unforgettable "Hold My Heart" Arrangement

Make love confession with "Hold My Heart" Arrangement unforgettable.

Regular Price: USD89.95
Sale Price: USD62.95


White is a color of triumph and is used on many celebrations. It also means pureness, tenderness and new beginnings. On the contrary to the red roses a bouquet of white roses expresses eternal love that is stronger than any earthy feeling. It doesn’t say about passion, it puts feelings on the first place. White lilies stay for purity and innocence.

White chrysanthemums are often given to young girls as symbol of youth, modesty and freshness. So if you have an unclouded true feeling than white flowers bouquet can be your first choice as a gift to Ukraine.