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New Year Party for children-refugees

January 5th, 2015

Happy Holidays to everyone!

It has been a hard year for Ukraine. Because of Russia's horrible war in Ukraine's Donetsk and Luhansk regions, a lot of children were forced to flee their homes and celebrate the holidays in temporary shelters.

On December 29th Ukraine Gift Delivery team together with volunteers from the Red Cross organized a New Year and Christmas celebration in the “Zhuravushka” shelter located in Kyiv, which is now a home for about a hundred refugees.

Children aged from 5 to 17 met us with eyes full of hope. It was an heartwarming party, where children recited poems and we sang their favorite New Year’s songs together. They ran around us and danced in a circle. Everyone was trying to be the best one. We presented gift sets in the shape of a house, filled with sweets, colored pencils and watercolors to every child. After that a psychologist organized an art therapy session for everybody from toddlers to adults. In these moments we realized that adults needed the celebration every bit as much as the children. They spent their time with us talking, painting, with the little girls playing at being hairdressers for the adults, and asked if we could come again.

There are a lot people from the East of the country and also from Crimea in this shelter. Children believe that the war will end soon. But a lot of them do not have homes anymore to come back to and some of them have lost their parents. Many parents are stressed because it it hard to find jobs and housing, and children of course feel this stress. This is why it was so important to help to bring at least one day of holiday and hope to our fellow citizens.

This challenging time is a test on humanity for us. It showed that in the time of hardships there are people who are willing to help those in need. We send our sincerest thanks to our friends and clients who added their donations in 2014.
Ukraine Gift Delivery team.