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Happy Women’s Day Card for delivery in Ukraine Happy Birthday Kids’ Card Congratulations Card
Happy Womenís Day Card
Regular Price: USD2.95

Happy Birthday Kidsí Card
Regular Price: USD2.95

Congratulations Card
Regular Price: USD2.95

Send greetings to her who makes waves in your life and sprinkles charm in your life with Happy Women's Day card.

Bright and joyful card for your dearest birthday girl or boy.

What a wonderful addition to your Ukraine gift on a special occasion or just because!

Happy Anniversary Card 8th of March Women's Day Greeting Card 8th of March Women's Day Greeting Card
Happy Anniversary Card
Regular Price: USD2.95

This Spring Day Greeting Card
Regular Price: USD2.95

Congratulate your dearest ones by sending Happy Anniversary card.

Send your best wishes with this colorful Women's Day greeting card.

The joyful Women's Day greeting card will definitely bring a smile to your recipient's face.

Ukrainian Woman Card Happy Birthday Card Send Confections Paradise as a hamper for your dearest one.
Special Woman Card
Regular Price: USD3.95

Happy Birthday Card
Regular Price: USD3.95

Confections Paradise
Regular Price: USD18.95


Send this beautiful floral card to send your wishes on Women's Day.

Happy Birthday Card.

A collection of finest confections in a cute tin box.

Panned Sweets Collection is a lovely and sweet Ukrainian gift. Your imagination classic glass vase is a perfect addition to any floral arrangement. Send Personalized Signed Cup for a special occasion or just because!
Panned Sweets Collection
Regular Price: USD19.95

Your imagination Classic Glass Vase
Regular Price: USD21.95

Personalized Signed Cup
Regular Price: USD29.95


A delicious way to express your wishes this holiday season.

A beautiful glass flower vase perfect for any of our many bouquet selections.

A unique personalized cup for those who are special.

Exquisite gift for joy of your beloved ones. Tea Garden Tray will be a lovely surprise. Sweet Hugs Gift Set will show your warm feelings.
Sophisticated Tea Collection
Regular Price: USD58.95

Tea Garden Tray
Regular Price: USD59.95

Sweet Hugs Gift Set
Regular Price: USD59.95


Delicious and exquisite set is one of the finest Ukraine gifts that can bring a lot of joy to your loved ones.

A gift basket that sends a taste of a good tea-party!

Even being far away from your beloved, you may send warmest hugs to her with this wonderful plush teddy bear.

Send XOXO Gift Set as a gift to your special one with all your love. A Mother’s Love Tasty Gift Set will show your care as Ukrainian gift. Splendid gift set makes an excellent Ukraine gift for those you love and care about.
XOXO Gift Set
Regular Price: USD59.95

A Motherís Love Tasty Gift Set
Regular Price: USD64.95
Romantic Tea-Time Gift Set
Regular Price: USD65.95

Send Hugs and Kisses to Your Beloved with a Sweet Gift Set

Sweet treatments and gourmet teas delights every mother will love.

A delicious gift set which gives hours of enjoyment.

Send Winnie the Pooh Gift Set as a great gift to Ukraine Bearing My Love Gift Set will show your care. Love Charmer Gift Set will show your care.
"Winnie the Pooh" Gift Set
Regular Price: USD75.95
Bearing My Love Gift Set
Regular Price: USD79.95
Love Charmer Gift Set
Regular Price: USD83.95

Show love and care to your child with Winnie the Pooh Gift Set

Romantic gift to celebrate special moments.

Shower your loved ones with affection by sending Valentine's Day gifts straight to their door.

Happy Birthday Gift Set will show your care. Winter Fairytale Gift Set will show your romantic feelings.
Happy Birthday Gift Set
Regular Price: USD94.00
Winter Fairytale Gift Set
Regular Price: USD138.00


Convey your heartfelt wishes by sending Happy Birthday Gift Set to Ukraine.

Winter Fairytale Gift Set will enchant your beloved with its magical spirit!