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Flowers Horoscope

When you want to give flowers somebody it might be a good idea to research their Flower horoscope first. Use our information to give the perfect flower to your special person in Ukraine and learn more about them.
We will gladly help you create custom boquets composed of these flowers. Please contact us and tell your wishes.
Jan 20 -Feb 18
Humanitarian, philantropy and keenly interested in making the world a better place.
Dances to a different beat
Eclectic & Original
The daffodil symbolizes summer warmth and openness. Despite initial impressions, those born under this flower exhibit a straightforward approach to life. The simplest explanation is usually the correct one. Avoid cold climates if possible.
availability: February - May
recommended bouquets: custom
Feb 19 - Mar 18
Easy going, selfless and spiritual.
Deep compassion
for those in need.
This one draws universal attention to itself. It often hides in the shade, biding its moment, but when that moment comes, it emerges in all of its glory and demands to be given its due.
availability: all year round
recommend bouquets: custom
Mar 19 - Apr 18
Active, impulsive, fiery. Bold and dramatic, headstrong nature.
Those born under this flower tend to be secretive and mysterious. Doubts on a range of issues can cause conflicts with others and problems with superiors. Yet, the orchid has enough perseverance to overcome many obstacles.
availability: all year round
recommended plant: Phaelnopsis Orchid
Apr 19 - May
Peace, love and happiness.
Sentimental, loyal, loves everything that is luxurious.
This one is fearless, persistent, and stubborn, even to the point of causing unnecessary pain. The freesia tends to appeal to a broad range of people and is able to use that to advance professionally.
availability: March - May
recommended plant: custom
May 19 - June 19
See the world in Paris. Together, not apart.
The queen of all flowers, the rose elicits envy from others. Intrigues and plots are formed to try and unseat the rose, but the rose remains untouchable. However, special care must be taken of its health and overexertion is to be avoided at all costs.

available: all year round in two categories: standard (local) and premium (imported from Holland)
June 20 - July 21
Loyal, dependable, emotional, intuitive, sympathetic, sentimental and needs to have a sense of security
Lasting affection, goodness, thinking of others
availability: July - December
July 22 - Aug 21
Determined, egoistic and have a potential of becoming a leader.
Spends on the Finer things.
Air or royalty.
Those born under this flower are not necessarily multi-talented, but they are exceedingly hard-working and dependable. Under the right leadership, the gladiolus can reach great heights. However, it will invariably retain its humble nature.

available: July - September
recommended bouquets: custom
Aug 22 - Sept 21
Innocence/most reserved.
Pure as can be.
Caring, a perfectionist, faithfulness and innocent
Subtle charm and profound sensibility. This moon flower will only truly open up in the midnight hour. It can masquerade, flirt, deceive…yet, it still knows how to find its happiness.
available: all year round
recommended bouquets: a Bouquet of Tender Lilies
Sept. 22- Oct. 21
Creative, gentleness, elegant and can be romantic at the same time.
Responds to the others in need with grace. Displays class and charm.
This one is neither particularly courageous nor especially romantic. Tends to be shy, quiet, careful, and observant, preferring the sidelines to the action. Yet, the daisy can often achieve remarkable results.
available: May - August
recommended bouquets: custom


Oct 22 - Nov 20
Intense, strong willed, commit to what the do.
Magnetic personality/perfect Love
Passion & Mystery
It finds its home underneath the sun. Successes do not blind it and conflicts do not impede it. The gerbera marches forward (or perhaps in a circle?), always reaching for the sun.
available: all year round
Nov 21- Dec 20
Exotic, philosophical and perfectionist
Don’t Worry/Be Happy
The man born under this flower will tend to act like a real life Don Juan in his manner and behavior. He is carefree and incorrigible. The woman will tend to be energetic, possessing a high opinion of herself. It is nearly impossible to get her to admit to a weakness or mistake.
available: February- beginning of May


Dec 21 - Jan 19
Practical, organized and graceful.
Reliable & Practical
It is not easy to find someone whose personality is as straightforward and motives are as uncomplicated as those of the carnation. Ironically, others may come to resent this lack of artfulness. The carnation may exhibit incredible stubbornness, even when the facts are not on its side. It is, above all, a truth seeker.
available: all year round
recommended bouquets: a Bouquet of 15 Carnations