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Huggalicious Stuffed Toys for Delivery in Ukraine

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A wonderful piece to add to child's collection Zephyr Dragon Stuffed Animal

Zephyr Dragon makes a great gift to surprise.

Regular Price: USD30.95

Add this lovely bear to kid's soft toys collection Strawberry Pink Teddy Bear

Strawberry Pink Teddy Bear makes a great gift for a little one or an adult.

Regular Price: USD37.95

Plush toy teddy bear is a cute present. Cute Beige Teddy Bear

This lovely Beige Teddy Bear from Anna Club Plush collection will show your care and make the day of your dearest one!

Regular Price: USD39.95

Plush teddy bear will make a cute gift. Cute Brown Teddy Bear

Cute Brown Teddy Bear with a super soft fur will give warmth of your heart every time she hugs it!

Regular Price: USD39.95

Lovely gift idea for an adult and a child. Bamboo Panda Bear

Bamboo Panda Bear is sure to make your dearest one smile!

Regular Price: USD42.95

Send joy to a kid with our Frolick Fawn Deer Frolick Fawn Deer Stuffed Animal

Super soft, huggable, with a sweet face deer will quickly become someone's best friend.

Regular Price: USD43.95
Bear Colin from Anna Club Plush Bear Colin

A cute Bear Colin makes everybody go "WOW"

Regular Price: USD44.95

Small teddy yeallow surprise for loved one Meadow Medley Ducky

This adorable Ducky is here to say "you are special to me".

Regular Price: USD45.95
Meadow Medley Lamby is the perfect gift for the little ones! Meadow Medley Lamby

This is no doubt the cutest lamby around Melissa & Doug collection.

Regular Price: USD45.95
Present an adorable friend Sunny Yellow Labrador Puppy. Sunny Yellow Labrador Puppy

This lovely Sunny Yellow Labrador Puppy from  Melissa & Doug plush collection will become a cute friend for your dearest one!

Regular Price: USD47.95
Show your feelings by sending this pleasant bunny to some one special. Sunny Yellow Brenna Bunny

Brenna Bunny from  Melissa & Doug plush toys collection will not leave anyone untouched!

Regular Price: USD47.95
Plush Bear Ken is a lovely gift. Bear Ken

Bear Ken is so cute and so lovely! His eyes are very kind and his plush fur is soft! One will feel all the warm and love of your heart hugging him!

Regular Price: USD49.95

Huggalicious White Teddy Bear will make her smile. White Teddy Bear

This Cuddly Teddy Bear is precious with white plush fur that you will want to hug. He is sure to make your loved one smile.

Regular Price: USD52.95

Make this amazing polar bear a wonderful new friend Parka Polar Bear Stuffed Toy

An extra gentle stuffed bear awaits for your child.

Regular Price: USD55.95
Sweet Hugs Gift Set will show your warm feelings. Sweet Hugs Gift Set

Even being far away from your beloved, you may send warmest hugs to her with this wonderful plush teddy bear.

Regular Price: USD59.95

Send XOXO Gift Set as a gift to your special one with all your love. XOXO Gift Set

Send Hugs and Kisses to Your Beloved with a Sweet Gift Set

Regular Price: USD59.95

“Sweet Love” Gift Set will show your deepest feeling. “Sweet Love” Gift Set

New!Better than a love note, birthday card or flowersthis gift is perfect for a chocoholic.

Regular Price: USD63.95

Soothe your little one with our rainbow color Toby Cat Stuffed Toby Cat

Toby Cat is a great fun for your child or a creative gift for your beloved one.

Regular Price: USD63.95
Bring an incredibly looong smile with this cute caterpillar Stuffed Longfellow Caterpillar

Stuffed Caterpillar is adorable toy with beautiful colors!

Regular Price: USD63.95
Stuffed Dachshund Dog is designed to nurture creativity and imagination. Stuffed Dachshund Dog Giant

This realistic Dachshund plush animal makes a wonderful gift to a cute toddler or to a romantic adult.

Regular Price: USD67.95

Send Winnie the Pooh Gift Set as a great gift to Ukraine "Winnie the Pooh" Gift Set

Show love and care to your child with Winnie the Pooh Gift Set

Regular Price: USD75.95

Here is a mother-and-cub pair with lots of love to share. Cream & Puff - Mother and Baby Bear

These teddy bears win heart from the first sight.

Regular Price: USD81.95

Ukraine toys from Anna Club Plush Premium quality plush toys from Anna Club Plush are cuddly and huggalicious, please view our video on YouTube! Now you can send them to any place in Ukraine. We have given these to our own children and friends for years before offering them for sale here. Children and adults cannot resist the lure of these sweet little toys. Lego kits and Disney toys are new for delivery in Ukraine but we are sure that they will be really appreciated.

Send toys to Ukraine and we will have your greeting card translated for free. We will also take a free pitcture of the delivery, with recipient's permission. You can order a video of the gift delivery for just $11.95.

New! View video of toys for delivery in Ukraine: