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charity ukraineSince March 2014 hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians had to flee from their homes in Luhansk, Donetsk and Crimea and relocate to other regions of Ukraine. There are people who managed to pack their documents and the most essential things, but there are lots of women and children who have nothing. The anti-terrorist operation is still being conducted and people cannot return to their homes and normal life in ATO zone.

We organize a donation to refugee centers where families from Donetsk and Lugansk regions temporary live. There are many women with babies and little children. They urgently need food, clothes, medicine, hygiene and household products as they could not get government support and maternity benefits. We prepare product sets and additional items depending on the current urgent needs of the center which volunteers and families inform us about.

There are hundreds of refugees and orphaned children in Ukraine who urgently need our help and support. They will be grateful for any help we are able to provide, together we can help them to forget the horrors of the war, make them realize that there are people who care about them and willing to help.

Join us! Donate any amount (button below) for the urgent needs of kids-refugees. When you make a donation, we at Ukraine Gift Delivery arrange order processing, customer support and delivery expenses for free, so that every cent of your order goes towards kids' needs. Only people from our Addressed Help list can receive your support, as they have a little child and a parent who died in ATO and/or is unable to provide for the child.When you make a donation, please put the name of the family who will receive your help and we will make a photo of the delivery with your name printed on a piece of paper.

We sincerely thank all our friends who help Ukrainians with your actions, funds, and prayers.

Special thanks to:

Alain G., Luxembourg
Nataliya T., Australia
Norman G. , USA
Donald M., USA

If you have other ideas of how we could help, please let us know.