Send chocolates to Ukraine with No. 1 Ukraine Gift Delivery.

Merci Chocolates

16 reviews
$25.95 USD
Macaroons Cookies Set | Ukraine Gift Delivery.

Macaroons Cookies Set

2 reviews
$27.95 USD
Queen Rose Charm Chocolates By Occasion

Queen Rose Charm Chocolates

2 reviews
$15.95 USD
Delicious Ferrero Prestige By Holidays

Delicious Ferrero Prestige

7 reviews
$34.50 USD
Chocolate Cherry Cake | Ukraine Gift Delivery.

Chocolate Cherry Cake

6 reviews
From $75.95 USD
Blue Chocolate Tower | Ukraine Gift Delivery.

Blue Chocolate Tower

7 reviews
$75.95 USD
Raffaello Chocolates | Ukraine Gift Delivery.

Raffaello Chocolates

17 reviews
$15.95 USD
Ferrero Rocher | Ukraine Gift Delivery.

Ferrero Rocher

8 reviews
$25.95 USD
Confections Paradise | Ukraine Gift Delivery.

Confections Paradise

9 reviews
$29.95 USD
Just Because Gift Set | Ukraine Gift Delivery.

Just Because Gift Set

1 review
$49.95 USD
Passionate Dark Chocolate Basket | Ukraine Gift Delivery.

Passionate Dark Chocolate Basket

6 reviews
From $117.95 USD
Cake Kiev for Gift Delivery in Ukraine

Kiev Cake

19 reviews
$39.50 USD
Lindt Lindor Chocolates | Ukraine Gift Delivery.

Lindt Lindor Chocolates

4 reviews
$24.95 USD
Lyubimov Heart Chocolates | Chocolates gifts for Ukraine

Lyubimov Heart Chocolates

13 reviews
$8.00 USD
Fruity Cake in Ukraine | Ukraine Cake Gift Delivery.

Fruit Cake

5 reviews
From $82.95 USD
XOXO Gift Set | Ukraine Gift Delivery.

XOXO Gift Set

7 reviews
$67.95 USD
Happy Birthday Cake | Ukraine Gift Delivery.

Happy Birthday Cake

2 reviews
From $99.95 USD

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