Rose is the most popular and frequently ordered flower. Most women prefer bouquets made of roses. Roses are classical and an integral gift for almost every occasion.

The average buyer vaguely understands the difference between the expression "imported rose" and "local rose." At the flower market in Ukraine one can now find roses grown in three different countries - Ecuador, Holland and Ukraine. Every sample is unique and has distinctive features.

So, let's find out what is the main differences between imported and local roses.

Visual appearance

Most of imported roses look more spectacular than local roses with their large buds 7-8 cm in diameter, thick and durable stem and a length of up to 1 m and even more. Of course, such flowers look queenly. It is worth mentioning the advantage of imported roses - the thick stem which reduces the risk of broken flower. More than that imported roses has unique colors, which is why they are so valued. Buds can have several shades that seamlessly flow into one another.

Although the most common length of local roses is 50-70 cm, they also look gorgeous, and they are quite fragrant. Today they are presented in a great variety of colors, with various shapes and bud sizes. But still buds and stems of local flowers cannot repeat the size of imported roses, and the color spectrum is not able to fall over the imported flowers.

Imported roses have much fewer thorns, than local roses. But don’t worry about this, today florists carefully clean each flower, removing leaves and thorns on the lower end of the stem, and forming a spiral bouquet to hold it easy in your hand. Therefore, the presence of thorns on the flower may not bother you anymore.


In most cases, local roses last longer. This is due to the fact that their transportation takes less time than imported roses. Normally delivery of local flowers from greenhouse to the flower shop takes 2 days, and for imported roses this period increases to 4 days, because of airtarsportation. In deed, any rose will last longer than a week provided that they had been bought fresh and cared properly.

The main factor that affects the freshness of a flower is the climate in which it is grown. If you fail to meet the temperature regime and proper care after the roses had been delivered to your home from the flower shop, then imported roses can quickly fade. The same can't be said for the local roses.


Scent is that particular the local rose can be proud of. This is a sweet heady scent that makes you dizzy. It is simply impossible to resist the aroma of fresh local roses. The pronounced fragrance is especially peculiar to red llocal roses. Because of faint scent, the imported roses cannot compete with local roses in this aspect.


An imported rose has always been more expensive than a local one. It results from large expenses incurred for airtransportation. Needless to say that florists are considered to be the same consumers, and also buy this rose from the foreign supplier to sell roses in Ukraine. So the higher price for imported roses is justified.

The difference between imported and local roses is insignificant. Thus, both samples have their advantages and disadvantages. Your choice should be based on the purpose of purchase and budget.

Local roses look advantageous in composition with other flowers and greens. They look fabulous when bouquet is made of big number of roses. Imported roses look best alone in the amount of 5-11 stems. If you truly want to make some gasp, then imported roses will help you.