Rose, June Birth Flower

June birth flower is gorgeous Rose, one of the most beautiful flowers in the world. Its sweet fragrance and timeless beauty are steeped with music, poetry and love of millions of generations. Probably you won't find a woman who will not smile looking at the presented bouquet of roses. So here is some exciting info about the Queen of Flowers.

Interesting facts about roses you probably have never heard about:

  • Rose is a national flower of USA, Iran and England.
  • Natural rose oil is one of the most expensive in the world. It is more expensive than gold or platinum. Just for one kilogram of rose oil you will need 3 tons of rose petals. That is really incredible.
  • The biggest amount of roses is being sold on St. Valentine's Day over 110 million just in the USA.
  • That is a proven fact that a person who breathes roses smell daily becomes well-wishing and kind.
  • Well-known Shakespeare mentioned roses more than 50 times in his works. One of roses varieties with special inner-side is named after Shakespeare.
  • The smallest rose (Variety “Si”) in the whole world has size of the rice grain.
  • The oldest rose winds round the walls of Hildesheim Cathedral in Germany. Rose bush reached the roof the cathedral being 1000 years old.
  • Fruits of the wild roses – dog roses – contain more vitamin C than lemons. Herbal tea made of this flower is very effective for health promotion.
  • Only in the 16th century this amazing flower was brought to Russia. Peter the Great started the tradition of decorating gardens with roses and during the reign of Catherin II the roses became the queen of the royal gardens.
  • Such interesting variety of roses called “Chameleon” was bred in Japan. In the morning the petals of this rose are bright red and in the evening – white.

Roses Color Meaning:
Receiving a bouquet of roses sends a certain message. The color of the roses you select say something too:

In June roses in Ukraine burst into bloom and treat us with intoxicating fragrances. The brilliant array of colours makes roses the best choice to send flowers to Ukraine this month.

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"Flowers speak of love silently, in a language only known to heart."