On February 24th Russian invaders started a full-scale war against the Ukrainian people. At this point it is not a war, but a cleansing of Ukrainians who dare to have the will to select their own fate.

To our fellow Ukrainians: Our hearts go out for our friends, family, colleagues, customers, and all citizens of Ukraine. We are doing everything we can to help.

To our friends all over the world: We are deeply thankful that you are finding ways to help Ukrainians in these challenging times. This is the time when one can see who our real friends are. Please know that your kind help in this hour of greatest need is greatly appreciated. 

To Russians: Don't be afraid, take a stand against the war. Fight for your children as we fight for ours.

Every second is taking lives, every second our friends are afraid for the fates of their loved ones. If you want to help, please share information about this war, come to our meetings in support of Ukraine, donate to a charity such as the ones listed below: 

Support on the ground with Red Crossed Cross - immediate relief efforts for citizens of Ukraine.

Support to refugees in Ukraine at UNHCR - help to refugees who need self saving care.

Support to rescued animals  - info of Alina Vokhmyanina at Kyiv animal shelter, there are 30 animals in her care. She is also connected with other volunteers and animal shelters in Ukraine.

Currently we are delivering only food sets in Odessa, Dnipro and cities in Western Ukraine. All profits go towards Red Cross Ukraine.