Today sapphire is considered one of the most popular stones in the world. Being September Birthstone, its beauty and magical properties are told in legends, often it becomes a magical object in fairy tales and fables. This gem is called the royal stone. Since ancient times, people of blue blood have loved sapphire for its strong "character" and powerful energy.

Sapphire meaning and history

Sapphire is truly a royal stone. The crowns of kings were traditionally adorned with them. The most famous St Edward's Sapphire decorated the top of the British crown, in the middle of the cross. The wonderful gem was the "favorite" of Princess Diana. Sapphire, surrounded by a scattering of diamonds, adorned Lady Di's engagement ring. Now this famous piece of jewelry in the world is worn by Kate Middleton. It is obvious, that almost every girl dreams of such an accessory. And today, jewelry with sapphires is available not only to representatives of royal dynasties. A ring or earrings with a sapphire can become a wonderful gift for your partner.

Sapphire Meaning as a Gift

At all times, sapphire jewelry has had a special value. According to popular beliefs, the royal mineral was considered a symbol of hope, loyalty, purity and chastity.

Sapphire jewelry strengthens family relationships, contributes to the preservation of love and mutual understanding.

Products with precious sapphire inserts have been highly valued at all times. Today, leading jewelry houses use gemstone both in individual pieces and in entire collections. So if your partner gets carried away with fashion, the earring or ring with sapphire could complement her look.

Gold enhances the properties of a gem. Such jewelry will become a real talisman.

There are many reasons for giving someone a gemstone as a gift:

  • a special occasion such as birthday or anniversary
  • to congratulate someone on an achievement
  • to show your love
  • for its spiritual powers and positive emotional health benefits
  • pick a gemstone as a September Birthstone to impress

The mineral belongs to the universal stones, as you can wear sapphire jewelry in any season. The beauty of the stone is fully revealed in the summer. In the rays of the bright sun, the mineral plays with all facets, and it is simply impossible to take your eyes off the jewelry.

For winter, it is better to choose accessories with a cornflower blue sapphire framed with white gold. This combination looks luxurious and restrained – just what you need for the cold season.

Sapphires are a truly special stone and a special gift. Buying a prestigious sapphire gemstone for someone shows you care for them very much.