"Chrysolite", "olivine", "peridot" - all these words mean the same stone. The first one is still the most common, so we will continue with it.

If you want to emphasize the exceptional of your partner, then jewelry with mesmerizing chrysolite will be a wonderful gift. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that in nature it occurs only in one color. But on the other hand, chrysolite has marvelous range of shades. In addition to gold, the gemstone can have light green, olive, orange, brown, pistachio and yellow reflections. What is interesting, chrysolite is sometimes called “Evening Emerald”, because this stone can keep its shining even in the night and under artificial lightning.

Chrysolite meaning and history

For a long time, this stone was revered by people of blue blood. Since ancient times, chrysolite has been considered a symbol of wealth, the patron saint of merchants and bankers. Due to its golden-green color, chrysolite even got the name “golden stone”. This is how it is translated from Greek.

According to legend, chrysolite mining was first started in Egypt because the gemstone became the favorite of Queen Cleopatra, who did not part with it even for a minute. She believed that the mineral attracts passionate love and wealth according to the deepness of its color. The intensity of color depends on the amount of iron; the more iron it contains, the deeper green it will be (and, generally, the more valuable).

Properties and Benefits of Chrysolite

Chrysolite has been a symbol of all lovers since ancient times. It is believed that it helps to keep love.

Chrysolite will help those who want to find mutual understanding with other people, value relationships, and want to maintain friendship.

Chrysolite is also an emotional healer, known for warding off feelings of anger, depression and jealousy for example. Thus, the bright color of nature is associated with harmony, good health, peaceful sleep.

Chrysolite is known as a gemstone that promotes prosperity, confidence, influence, peace and love.

Astrologers advise Pisces, Libra, Sagittarius and Leo to wear chrysolite. The stone will strengthen their confidence in the correctness of the choice, make them more assertive in achieving goals.

Gold enhances the magical power of the chrysolite and protects a person from evil forces.

It is recommended to wear gold rings with chrysolite on the left hand for good luck.

Jewelry with chrysolite perfectly matched with different types of topaz, silver and gold. It can be tiny earrings that will show your sympathy or love interest or a wonderful gold ring which is definitely become a symbol of deep feelings.