Alstroemeria, October Birth Flower

History of Alstroemeria

Alstroemeria goes by name of Peruvian Lily. The perennial plant that estimates up to 50 species has the characteristics of a lily flower. Originally it came from Peru, Chile and Brazil. Some varieties of this flower grow in summer and other grow in winter. Alstroemeria have no fragrance and has a vase life about two weeks.

Meaning of Alstroemeria

As for the etymological meaning of asltroemeria, flower was called after the Swedish naturalist Baron Clas Alströmer. Today alstroemeria means several things:

Giving support to the recipient. Often, it is a flower that is given in a bouquet to someone who has a tough time. Alstroemeria as a gift coveys the message that the recipient will survive and overcome all difficulties.

Devotion and friendship. Alstroemeria is given to significant people in your lives. And it can be not only person you have romantic feelings to. Alstroemeria in a bouquet can be a wonderful gift for a close friend. Such gift with certain color will carry a message of devotion depending on your recipient.

Cheer and following dreams. Alstroemeria makes a suitable gift for someone who is starting new job, new life or even a new member of the family.

Color Meaning of Alstroemeria

Red Alstroemeria expresses love making it the perfect romantic gift for your loved one.

Pink Alstroemeria symbolizes gentle feelings and romance. It makes a nice gift for person you are romantically linked to.

White Alstroemeria symbolizes purity. Combined with other white flowers alstroemeria makes a suitable wedding gift.

Yellow Alstroemeria expresses joy and hopefulness. In case you want to make someone happy just send them yellow flowers.

Orange Alstroemeria means passion. Bouquet of such blooms will re-energize the person to whom you are giving the bouquet.

Purple Alstroemeria means uniqueness. Give this graceful flower to unique people in your life.

Giving Alstroemeria as a gift is a wonderful way to show consideration, care about others, and share happiness. As well Alstroemerias live longer than other flowers and look gorgeous both alone in a clear vase and in combination with other flowers.

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