September birth flower is the lovely Aster. The word Aster is of Greek origin and refers to the Starlike flowers that can be white, red, pink, purple, lavender and blue, mostly with yellow centers. These daisy-like flowers start to bloom in late summer, and their showy display continues into early fall. Aster flowers are the perfect birthday gift for someone in September. 

The symbolism, legends, and myths associated with the aster are as fun as they are interesting. We decided to share some of the Aster-related facts with you.

  • Asters were primarily known as symbols of powerful love. They are also symbolic of devotion, faith, and wisdom. 

  • Some people believe that asters represent elegance and refinement. So if you want to make a point of her style and good look, a bouquet of asters will be totally appropriate.

  • Long ago, when asters were placed on French soldiers’ graves, their presence was a symbolic suggestion of a profoundly desperate desire for war to end.

  • Asters are supposedly able to notice weather changes. The presence of closed petals is supposed to be a sign of imminent rain.

  • Asters are supposed to be capable of bringing good luck. Send aster arrangement to a Ukrainian woman as an encouragement in new beginnings.

  • Aster is the flower associated with the 20th wedding anniversary.

  • When you send asters to your beloved Ukrainian woman, you’re sending them a secretly hidden message that says, “Take care of yourself for me.”

  • Asters placed in a bouquet with complementing flowers to be given as a gift can be representative of admiration and love. Start your love affair with a flower gift comprised of asters in her favorite colors.

Does your Ukrainian girlfriend have a birthday in September? Make sure a bouquet you choose includes asters!

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