Iris, the Flower of February

If you were born in February, your wonderful birth flower is the iris – an amazing flower fascinating with color glistening from different angles. It offers so many symbolic magic and radiates energy. Let’s discover the rich history behind iris meaning.

This beautiful bloom traces a heritage through Greek mythology. In Greek, the name “Iris” translates as “rainbow,” which is proven true by a wide array of colors. Exists over 200 varieties of this lovely flower.

There’s another Greek word, “eiris,” which means “messenger”. This is for a definite reason. With spectacular uniqueness and fairness, irises have rich meanings, and when given as gifts, they can convey deepest feelings.

The most popular iris colors are blue, white and yellow. Central meanings of the iris stands for faith, hope, and wisdom.

Depending on color and geographic region, irises may hold different meanings. In some parts of the world, the dark blue or purple iris can denote royalty and wisdom, whereas the yellow iris can be a symbol of passion, white iris symbolizes purity and makes for bridal bouquet, blue one symbolizes faith and hope.

During the 16th century BC, irises were introduced to Egypt from Syria, and stylized versions of these flowers began to decorate the scepters of pharaohs displaying victory and power.

The iris is the 25th wedding anniversary flower. So if you would like to celebrate such great occasion as anniversary, don’t hesitate to bring a bunch of these gorgeous flowers.

Irises may also express courage and admiration. You can give purple irises to a parent or teacher, yellow irises to a significant other, and blue irises to someone who needs a little extra encouragement.

The many meanings of the iris makes the flower a great choice for an array of gift giving occasions. It makes a wonderful corporate, birthday, get well, or just because gift.

The flowers are universal messenger of friendship, everlasting promises and love. You can never go wrong with them. The rainbow of iris lets you convey your love, gratitude, and feelings, especially when words are falling short of your expectations. Let them know how much you love them!

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