Poinsettia - Christmas Star

What comes to your mind when you think of December? Maybe twinkly lights of the houses, perfect Christmas tree, making oneself comfortable under a warm blanket with a cup of yumy cocoa, or spending quality time with loved ones. But do you know what the month of December would not be complete without? December’s birth flower!

The December birth flower is the Poinsettia. The Poinsettia is known for their brilliant red and green star-shaped foliage. The scientific name for the Poinsettia is the Euphorbia pulcherrima, which translates to meanvery beautiful”. Do you have any special someone born in December who deserve a very beautiful birthday flower delivery? The Poinsettia might be the best flower for them.

In fact the Poinsettia is not really a flower, but is a red-topped plant. However, it still manages to be at its best as a favourite of flower lovers and is often given as a gift like a bouquet at this time of year.

Poinsettia Ties to Christmas

The Christmas tradition of poinsettias is inspired by Mexican folktale about a poor little girl called Pepita who had no present for the baby Jesus at a Christmas Eve service. Her cousin Pedro trying to cheer her up by suggested that even the smallest gift would be enough, so Pepita picked up some weeds growing near the church. When she stepped up to the altar and placed the arrangement they suddenly transformed into the bright red flowers we know today. For this reason, in Spanish speaking countries, Poinsettia is known as “Flores de Noche Buena” or Flowers of the Holy Night.

Symbolism of Poinsettia

The Aztecs believed the Poinsettia was a symbol of purity. In today’s flower language though, red, white or pink poinsettias convey good cheer, success, loyalty, and respect. They convey joyful wishes and a celebratory spirit to the recipient. Such positive symbolism makes the plant a wonderful personal and business gift for both friends and relatives, colleagues and clients.

As a December birth flower, the Poinsettia represents happiness, generosity and humor, perfectly matching the personality of those born on this winter month. This unmatched potted plant is a wonderful choice for December birthdays. It is always a welcome gift that can be either presented on its own or given together with chocolate, gift basket or even a perfume or a piece of jewelry.

Symbolically the star shape of the flowers is also considered to be similar to the star that led the wise men to Jesus, which is why many people make it part of their Christmas decorations. The Poinsettia can add much meaning to Christmas decor during holiday season if one is placed in your own home. It definitely deserves its place as one of the best flowers for Christmas.

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