Gift Ideas for Capricorn Women

If you want to give a special gift to a Capricorn woman, there are certain items that she will really like based on her birth sign. A Capricorn is born from December 22 to January 20 and there are four stones for this sign. They include ruby, agate, garnet and black onyx. Lapis lazuli is her planetary stone. A Capricorn is a very practical sign. Women are particularly proud of their home and like to put a lot of effort into interior décor. They don’t expect fancy things but won’t be impressed if you give them something cheap either. At the end of the day, they are all class. With all of this in mind, here are some gift ideas the Capricorn woman will love.

A Gift Basket Filled with Food
Capricorn women have a practicality to them so when you a gift basket full of fruit is presented to them, they’ll be thrilled. While no woman can resist chocolate, she’ll appreciate a dried fruit tray or tea garden tray just as much. If she can use it, especially in her home, a gift basket will be something she truly treasures as you appeal to her personality.

Specialized Jewellery
A Capricorn woman will appreciate simple jewellery that she can wear daily. Her gemstones are ruby, agate, garnet and black onyx. A simple ruby pendant in silver allows her to wear your gift every day and keep you close to her heart. Maybe it’s because she is represented by the sea goat but most Capricorn women adore pearls. While it’s not her birthstone, Capricorn women are traditionally classy so they are especially drawn to a beautiful string of saltwater pearls.

Her Birth Flowers
The flowers dedicated to a Capricorn are pansy and ivy. Showing that you pay attention to the smallest details of who she is will not be missed. She will be touched that you cared enough to personalize your gift of flowers to her based on her birth sign. You can have a florist arrange a simple bouquet of her birth flowers to let her know how special she is.

Traditional Gifts
Capricorn women love traditional gifts. She doesn’t like surprises and due to her practicality, red roses are a perfect way to state a romantic gesture. She kind of expects you to show your love in ways that have long been practiced. If you’re looking to show your romantic feelings towards her, 9 red roses and a heart shaped box of chocolates is how to translate your message.

The Love of Comfort
A Capricorn woman loves to feel comfortable. There is nothing she loves more than spending time in her warm home with the nicest comforts to keep her feeling cozy. A nice fuzzy teddy bear to keep her company will be a nice addition for her to cozy up to. A nice bathrobe and fuzzy slippers would be an ideal gift for your Capricorn lady also.

Appeal to Her Ambition
While it may not seem very romantic, giving her something that appeals to her ambitious side will be one of the nicest gifts you can give. Capricorns are the hardest working zodiac signs and thrive on challenges. A motivating sentiment or something that helps her to achieve her goals is better than diamonds. A book for organizing her schedule, a stylish laptop case or a book that helps her in business ventures would be much appreciated.

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