Thanksgiving Day in Ukraine 2020: history and holiday traditions

Traditionally, we are accustomed to the existence of the ancient holiday of Thanksgiving in America and Canada and for many it may be a real surprise to hear about the Ukrainian Thanksgiving Day.

Thanksgiving Day in Ukraine 2020 is falling on September 20. Every year, starting from 2017, Thanksgiving Day in Ukraine is celebrated on the third Sunday in September. Though this relatively young holiday was restored in 2017, now it gains broad appeal among Ukrainians.

The tradition to give thanks to God for the given harvest, health, prosperity and well-being in the family has existed among the Slavs for a long time. In Ukraine, the Obzhinka harvest holiday was celebrated, which was held on the occasion of the end of farm activities falling on mid-September. Over time, traditions began to be forgotten, remaining a holiday only at the local unofficial level in the form of fairs.

And in September 2017, as part of the celebration of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, at the initiative of the Ukrainian Evangelical Church, it was decided to restore the holiday and celebrate Thanksgiving at the state level.

The holiday is not an official weekend, but it is always held on Sunday, which gives people the opportunity to celebrate it with family and friends by visiting interesting events that are held in Kiev and other cities of Ukraine.

The main celebration of the country takes place in Kiev on Khreshchatyk. The program is usually full of interesting events, activities and locations, contests, sports competitions, entertainment, shopping festivals, flash mobs and concerts. Festive events gather about half a million people to pray for peace and thank God and each other.

Though Thanksgiving will probably look a bit different this year in Ukraine due to the coronavirus pandemic, it's still an important time for families to make memories together and sending gifts overseas.

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As far as Thanksgiving is more about the harvest, your holiday gift may typically consist of gourmet, chocolate, or meat and cheese gift basket. A beautiful arrangement of autumn flowers can also delight your family and friends in celebration of Thanksgiving.

Wish you and your families a very happy and blessed Thanksgiving!

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