National Hug Day

Most of you have probably heard of the holiday before and even if you haven’t I am sure you are not having a hard time guessing how it’s celebrated.

National Hug Day occurs on January 21st and this day is dedicated for helping people showing their emotions in public. The holiday was originated in the late 70s but more specific details of its appearance are unknown.

The majority of people have no problem with expressing their love to their close friends and family and I am sure you hug your beloved ones pretty often. But on the National Hug Day you can offer a hug to anyone and everyone you want, including passing sad looking strangers. Unlike some similar holidays, National Hug Day doesn’t encourage to embrace everyone in your hugs, but asking first. It implies that you are offering a hug, not giving it to anyone despite the will of the other person.

To some it might be a little weird why and how did this holiday become recognized throughout the world. Why hugs? Well, for the most of it the reason hugs are appreciated by the different nationalities equally is the meaning it has for every person. Hug has a universal meaning of support, concern or just the way of saying “I am here”. There are lots of different hug types, which can show various feelings like affection, support, tenderness, love and care. So sometimes it might be inappropriate to give such an intimate hug to a stranger, that is why one type of hug is considered as the one everybody can enjoy – heart centered hug. Such a well-needed heart hug can lift anyone’s spirit and is a perfect way to express friendly emotions and to show that you care.

Sometimes it happens that the person we want to hug the most is not with us on this day. There is always a way to express your affection, love and care even to those who are not right by your side at the moment by sending a lovely gift to your beloved ones. If you have close people living in Ukraine we in UkraineGiftDeliver will be pleased to deliver your gifts for people you would love to hug. If you want to send gifts to Ukraine or flowers to Ukraine be sure your loved person will receive that gentle hug you have for them.

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