Red Rose - The Queen of Roses

Do you know why red rose is considered a symbol of love? We all know that a bouquet of red roses is the perfect way to declare passionate feelings. Whether it's Valentines Day or Women's Day or a birthday, gorgeous red roses convey the meaning of passion, desire and love. Red roses are the most popular flowers in Ukraine, available all year around. So let's find out how the red roses became a universal symbol of romantic feelings.

The history of red roses extends back to thousands of years. These flowers played a significant role in the history of China, Europe or the Mediterranean. It is amazing that red roses have the same symbolism, regardless of whether we are talking about countries in Asia, Europe, America or Africa: their meaning is universal.

There are legends which say that the red rose was created by the gods and crowned as the queen of flowers. Thus, the Roman legend perpetuates the name of the virgin Rodanta, who was very beautiful and therefore there were many matchmakers in her surroundings. Depressed by the number of proposals for marriage, Rodanta decided to find shelter in the temple of her friend Diana. But between them there was a misunderstanding, Diana began to envy Rodanthe. And when the suitors came to her castle to meet Rodantu, Diana got angry and turned Rodantu into a rose, and the matchmakers into thorns.

Another legend, Romanian, says that the rose was created by God, and the thorns by the Devil.

Since then red rose has been used as a symbol of love in poetry by Robert Burns, William Shakespeare, D.H. Lawrence, and many other poets conveying eternal love, longing desire, and devotion.

The classic red rose makes a perfect choice to express your deepest feelings to your special lady. Whether it is a single flower or a ravishing Royal bouquet of 101 roses, whether it is Valentine's Day, or Just because occasion.

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