Days of Angel Celebrated in Ukraine. Meaning of Ukrainian Names.

We hear our name since birth and throughout our whole life. It is a part of our personality and a name carries great magic. Many people believe that it is not just a word to call, that a name is a character and a destiny; our name is our helper and our heavenly protector.

Orthodox believers often receive their names at baptism in honour of their heavenly patron and protector: their Angel. Even if the Day of Angel does not coincide with the birthday, people very often celebrate it too as the day of their Angel, their protector.

It is interesting for many people to know the origin of Ukrainian names and to understand the underlying meaning of the name itself. We put the most famous Ukrainian names in alphabetical order with the dates of Angel, the origin of the name, and the description for each of them. This is an opportunity to pay attention to your friends, relatives, and good acquaintances by congratulating them on their Day of Angel. 

Alla Apr 8 "this Goddess" (from Old Arabic) The name Alla originates from the name of the Old Arabic Goddess Allat. The strength of the sound of the name Alla corresponds to the saturation of the red color. Obviously, such a name endows the person with significant features of character. In spite of her determined character Alla often keenly feels the lack of the human care and support. It can be enough even just to express sympathy with her sincerely, to share her problems, and no trace of her commanding tone remains

Anastasia (Nastya) Jan 4, Mar 23, Apr 28, Nov 11 "resurrection" (Classical Greek) Anastasia is very easy going and dreamy. She has a logically ordered mind and is inclined to analyze. Nastyas intuition is able to penetrate deeply into your soul, though love often blurs her eyes. If she calls herself Nastya all these features are blurred in her character. But both Nastya and Anastasia adore elegant things.

Christina Mar 26, Aug 6 "dedicated to Christ" (from Greek) The name Christina bears the impression of aristocracy and elitism. Parents that give their daughter name Christina suppose their daughter to be different from other girls, underlining her being special and what can be called stylish. Christina takes remarks to her personality painfully but melts with the compliments. Christina should be careful as somebody can use her weakness by hiding ulterior motives behind their flattery.

Daria (Dasha) Apr 1 strong, winner (from Persian) Darya is a resonant and cheerful name. But the main features of the owner of this name are firmness and impulsiveness. In childhood Darya is the boss and takes the lead in making different games. Self-confidence, emotional power, deepness of the feelings manifest from the very childhood. You will be puzzled for a long time until you understand how she feels about you. Be sure, if she does not like you, it can be read in her gestures and movements that are easier to understand than words.

Eugenia (Zhenya) Jan 6 noble (from Greek) Eugenia is firm and self-confident person. Even behind her calm, good-natured manner of behavior one can find the strict expression of Zhenyas look. Eugenia is hospitable. Most often Zhenya is very intellectual, well read, interested in art, and has good taste. If you want to avoid conflict with Zhenya, who is the reason of these conflicts in most situations, you have to start the conversation about Zhenyas last deeds without her noticing.

Ekaterina (Katya) Dec 7 ever clean, chaste (from Greek) Ekaterina is a generous nature. She is sociable and active. But in communication with Katya one should take into consideration her pathological vanity. However she understands good humor very well and do not mind to joke herself. And if you had an opportunity to let hair down with Katya, you may be very surprised to reveal the hidden features of her character.

Elena (Lena) Jun 3, Jul 24 torch (from Ancient Greek) Very attentive person can notice some tension in the daily behavior of Elena. It is not easy for Elena because she is subjected to unexpected changes of the mood, which guide her in the daily life and in the work. Do not forget in the communication with Elena that a very sensitive and delicate soul is hidden behind the mask of her momentary mood.

Elizaveta (Liza) May 7, Sep 18, Nov 4 respecting God (from Jewish) Liza constantly strives to achie her goal without having any rest and being relaxed. It is difficult to influence her emotions. Liza will understand you better if you are logical and calm in conversation with her

Inna Feb 2, July 3 is communicative and very quickly and easily gains peoples favor. Romance and poetics are not the characteristics of Inna; rather she is down to earth person and creates relations with people on the practical basis. She takes benefit of everything and manages to achieve a lot thanks to her hard work and foxery. Troubles can unsettle her for some time, but in most cases Inna can resist the attacks of destiny and overcome difficult life situations.

Irina (Ira) Apr 29, May 18, May 26, Oct 1 peace (from Greek) Such features as strength of mind, cheerfulness, liveliness, and firmness of purpose are perfectly balanced in Irina. At the same time she is rather independent, that is why all the features mentioned before almost resist the grading in the process of education. It is for the better! The combination of such features of the character can make Irinas fortune more advantageous.

Ksenia Feb 6 "guest" (from Greek) Ksyusha is vulnerable and sensitive to offenses. But she likes it when people turn to her for advice. She can listen, share peoples problems, though she often has a lot of her own, and it prevents her from giving real help to other people. Ksyusha is able just to sympathize sincerely.

Larisa Apr 8 seagull (from Greek) Larisas love for life and firmness are in unstable equilibrium, so Larisas liveliness can bear aggressive character. Lara tries to hide her inner tension and displeasure with the environment behind a mask. But in work Larisa has no equal! She is very hard working and is always ready to take on additional work, to perform, without complaints, somebody else’s work.

Lidiya (Lida) Apr 5 originally from Lydia the richest region of Asia Minor (from Turkish) Lida is very sociable person and she is willing to communicate with all the people equally, without paying much attention to ranks and regalia. It is completely natural for her, though it rarely finds the support and understanding of the great. Lida does not tend to display her superiority. She is known as an easy-going, sociable person without hang-ups.

Lubov (Lyuba) Sep 30 "love" (in Russian) The name Lubov sounds very passionateland hardly. She possesses both strength and impulsiveness. This love would not only warm, but rather singe and exhaust a person, Luba would be the first to suffer. Those who communicate with Lubasha should remember that she keeps memories for a long time - both good and bad ones.

Lyudmila (Lyuda, Lyusya) Sep 29 nice for people (from Slavonic) Some Lyudmilas consciously use the duality of the name, and depending on the situation they can name themselves Lyuda or Mila. The first one is hard and another one is nice and gentle. Also the name Lyuda is like scales which tries to balance gentleness and firmness of the character.

Margarita Jul 30 The meaning of the name: pearl (from Latin) Margarita is lively, communicative, tries to be a leader and likes to patronize weaker people. Often Margaritas logic is one-track and it is no wonder because feelings prevail over her. Look into Margaritas soul! There is a delicate and gentle woman hidden inside who needs peoples warmth and concern. Try your luck and maybe this flower will come out for you!

Maria (Masha) Feb 8, Feb 19, Feb 25, Apr 14, Jun 20, Jun 22, Aug 4, Aug 22, Nov 11 The meaning of the name: rejected, sad (from Ancient Jewish) Orthodox tradition interprets this name as the lady Marias cordiality combines with strictness, and her passion with remoteness. Even Masha herself sometimes feels the inconsistency of her character. But Masha does not lack a sense of humor, which helps her to control her feelings, to bail out of many delicate situations, and to avoid serious quarrels with people around.

Marina Mar 13, Jul 30 The meaning of the name: marine (from Latin) It is not for nothing this name is in honor of sea: there is something attractive like the sea side in its owner. But it is not good to swim far out the buoys, as the rescuer may be late to help you. This image is of course an analogy, but Marina really is like a running wave of surf. She expresses the storm of feelings under the influence of mental impulsion, and then she is calm and gentle next day.

Nadezhda (Nadya) Sep 30 'hope" (in Russian) There is a very large amount of patience and anticipation of something good in the name of Nadezhda. Very often Nadyas patience and kindness make her character very comfortable for communication and for living together. One cannot make Nadezda to do something against her will, but she cannot resist a kind request.

Natalia (Natasha) Sep 8 "native", "natural" (from Latin) Women named Natalia possess intense temperament. This is the very whirlpool where a dozen of spirits can appear either in positive or in negative meaning of this word. Nobody needs so much of human attention and care as Natalia with her sensitive self-esteem. And she should be more careful as one can get anything of her using flattery, praise and even favor and sympathy.

Nina Jan 27 "lady, "queen" (from Sumerian) Nina is used to paddling her own canoe. It imbues her with great self-respect and pride. It is dangerous to jest with Nina and especially to touch her personal qualities of nature. But Nina will appreciate sincere conversation as no one else can and she is glad to lay her heart bare for a person sympathizing with her. She gets very tired with her heroic character.

Olga (Olya) Jul 24 Meaning of the name: "sacred" (from Scandinavian) Olga is a cautious person in whom inner reticence is strangely combined with outer activity and commutability. Olya pays much attention to herself and to her feelings and isn’t eager to show them to people around her. She is diplomatic and rather prudent. While communicating with Olga one should not forget that logic and analysis always prevail over her emotions.

Svetlana (Sveta) Feb 26, Apr 2 light (from Slavonic) Svetlana is emotional person; she has a tendency to fun and simple communication. To argue with Sveta is like to argue with the wind as Lanas emotions dominate over logic. Awake her interest by appealing to her soul.

Sofia Sep 30, Oct 1 wise (from Greek) Sofia is a deep and serious personality. Though not in vain this word was chosen to denominate wisdom in ancient times, and it cannot be comprehended without depth of feelings. Sofia can solve problems of other people, can help other people with their troubles; but not always she can cope with her own sorrows.

Tamara May 14 czarina (from Latin) Tamara is responsible person; one can rely on her with certainty. Besides she is diligent she will make all the efforts to carry out her given mission. Toma is emotional, sometimes excessively noisy and fussy, but her sober method for solving problems does not let her down ever. She is modest and the only thing she is unable to stand for a long time is monotony. That is why traveling is her passion. 

Tatiana Jan 25 settled, appointed (from Greek) Tatiana is resolute, self-confident, firm, even imperious and very emotional. She prefers to be friends with men in whose company she usually becomes milder and more feminine than in the company of women. None of the Tatianas will give up her interests because of compassion or pity to you: only a call of duty can make Tatiana to forget about herself.

Vera Sep 30 Vera is a well-balanced and calm person. Men often tend to regard Veras quiet and good nature as a sign of good disposition towards them. But nevertheless one should not be in a hurry with conclusions. Vera will hardly venture to connect her destiny with anyone without careful thinking and weighing of all pros and cons. 

Yulia (Yulya) May 31 curly, fluffy (from ancient Greek) Yulia is the person of impetuous emotions and nervous irritability. But Yulya likes to be lively, involved in all the deals at once. When Yulya is on edge she quite often cannot control herself. It is senseless to appeal to logic and intellect, though it is less than useless to come under the influence of you own emotions: it is better to give Yulia an opportunity to speak her mind and cool down.

Day of Angel is popular occasion to celebrate in Ukraine just like birthday. It is welcomed to send gifts to friends and family as nice gesture. Day of Angel gifts can be flowers, cake, perfume, jewelry, champagne, gift basket, etc.

We hope our article will help you find the right Name Day gift. Do not forget to take into account name and character features of your special recipient of the surprise.