Easter Gift Guide

Easter is a very important religious holiday for Orthodox Ukrainians. This day ends the longest lent of 7 weeks. It starts with overnight church services on Sunday night, attended by many Ukrainians.

When people meet each other on this day, they exchange greetings “Khristos Voskres” and the reply is “Voitinu Voskres”. When people come to visit, they bring Easter baskets with Easter cakes, colored eggs and nice gifts. Although you are far away from your family, you could reach out to your friends and loved ones and share the beautiful spirit of Easter.

I would like to suggest some tips on Easter gifts giving to help you choose the right gift and make the experience unforgettable:

1. The most traditional gift is a gourmet basket filled with best-quality products. A cute bunny and lovely Easter decorations added to your basket will make this gift more personal and definitely appreciated. You can find a wide selection of Easter baskets with variety of local and imported treats specially created by UkraineGiftDelivery service.

2. As an alternative to a gourmet basket, a fruit tray or a fruit basket will be a good choice. Natural and fresh fruit is an elegant and healthy present welcomed by all recipients.

3. A box of chocolates or a chocolate basket will be a nice gift for children and for those with a sweet tooth. This sweet gift always pleases chocolate lovers.

4. A bouquet of spring flowers will be appreciated by all women. Blooming tulips, colorful alstroemerias and scented lilies will create a joyful holiday atmosphere in the house.

5. A bottle of red wine Kagor is a traditional wine that is given by the priest during communion in church, and is then served at family dinners afterwards.

Treat the people you love with your care and let them know of your warm feelings by sending thoughtful Easter gifts to Ukraine!