The Rainbow of Flowers Available in April

April is a beautiful month in Ukraine. Spring is here, the skies are beautiful, and local florists have a multitude of beautiful blooms to choose from. April is the perfect month to send flowers to Ukraine - here are just some of the varieties you're most likely to see in an April bouquet.

The Best April Flowers in Ukraine for Bouquets:
  1. Tulips: This gorgeous flower is easy to find in April. Tulips are available in an impressive variety of colors, and many of those colors come with special meanings. White means "I'm sorry," red means "true love," and purple means "you're my queen." These colorful flowers show up in a variety of springtime bouquets, including our “Lovely Tulip Bouquet” and “11 Tulips Bouquet.”
  2. Carnations: Carnations are a special bloom rich with symbolism. The ancient Greeks used them to decorate their ceremonial crowns, while some Christian traditions state that carnations first appeared as Jesus carried the cross. Today they're a colorful addition to a number of gorgeous bouquets. Pink carnations are associated with a mother's love, making them the perfect gift for mother and daughters. Choose deep red carnations to express admiration, and white to symbolize good luck. You'll find these flowers on their own in our “9 Curly Carnations” or “15 Elegant Carnations” bouquets, or adding color and texture to our “Floral Fantasy Bouquet.”
  3. Roses: One of the most popular choices when people send flowers to Ukraine, roses are rich with symbolism and beauty. These elegant blossoms are prized for their delicate petals and inviting aroma. Roses most often represent love, and the ancient Greeks and Romans associated them with the love goddesses Aphrodite and Venus. Choose rich red roses to express your love, yellow roses to connote friendship, and white roses for innocence and purity. You'll find roses in our "You Are Fabulous" bouquet, as well as in our "I Love You From Afar" and "11 Yellow Roses" arrangements.
  4. Daffodils: These lovely yellow blossoms are a popular way to show that spring is here. You can find out much more about the symbolism and history of these iconic flowers in our blog post on the subject. Send your love with these cheerful blossoms through our "Bouquet of 15 Tender Daffodils."
  5. Alstroemerias: Alstroemerias are the flower of friendships. Discovered in the 16th century by explorer Baron Claus von Alstromer, the alstroemeria is sometimes referred to as the Peruvian Lily. You'll find this blossom showing off a variety of vibrant colors, including white, yellow, apricot, peach, red, purple, and lavender. Alstroemerias steal the show in our stunning "Alstroemeria Bouquet," the perfect gift for a friend in Ukraine this April.
April is a wonderful time to give the gift of beautiful, bright, and fragrant flowers. Serene Spring weather gives florists plenty of options, making it easy for your loved ones to enjoy stunning arrangements. Celebrate spring with an unforgettable April bouquet.

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"Flowers speak of love silently, in a language only known to heart."