Tatiana's Day

The Russian church marks Tatiana's Day on January 25th, named after the Christian martyr, St. Tatiana. In 1755 on this day Russian Empress Elizaveta established the first University in Moscow. They built Tatiana's church on the territory of the University and declared St. Tatiana the patron of all students. Since that time January 25th is celebrated as Students' Day.

On this day in Ukraine students leave studying early and celebrate. Various events are organized by universities, colleges and other organizations to make this day memorable and joyful. Students participate in humor and music contests, the elections of the best female student, sport games, flash mobs, etc. Young people also like going to parties and night clubs.

Ukrainian students often exchange symbolic gifts on this holiday. If you want to congratulate your family and friends, a bouquet of flowers, a box of chocolates or an electronic device with a warm greeting message will make a fine gift to Ukraine.

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