New Year

New Year, celebrated on January 01st, is no doubt the main holiday of the year as it starts the whole holiday season. About 90% of the Ukrainians have called it their favorite holiday, so everybody impatiently waits for the beginning of the new year. People believe that all troubles will stay in old year and new year will come with hopes and expectations.

People decorate their houses and the New Year Tree, cook festive dinners, exchange presents, go to numerous New Year's parties that usually last until dawn.

The local TV channels show old time favorite movies from the Soviet era, and everybody enjoys being with family and friends. At midnight Ukrainians watch congratulations of the president of Ukraine on TV and drink champagne to celebrate. After it young people prefer going out at night clubs, restaurants, bars to party.

This bright holiday is loved by people of different ages, but is especially dear to children. They believe that Ded Moroz (Santa Claus) comes this night and puts gifts under the tree, of course if they haven't been naughty in the old year. On this holiday people usually give family and friends personalized gifts.

If you happen to be far away from your family and friends on New Year, you can show your love by sending New Year gifts to Ukraine.

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