Women’s Day

International Women’s Day that is celebrated on March 8th is a holiday of mothers, grandmothers, sisters and daughters, but most importantly this is a holiday of beloved women, an occasion to make them feel as the most beautiful women in the world.

On this day you want to make her feel unique and special and to do your best to choose the right present, which will make her smile with joy. Sometimes choosing a right gift might seem to be more difficult than it actually is. I’d like to share a few ideas, which will help you to choose an elegant romantic gift she will cherish:

1. The most traditional gift on March 8th is a flower bouquet. Currently we have a great selection of roses, tulips, lilies and other spring Ukraine flowers. As a great alternative to fresh cut flowers you could also present a beautiful plant, like a spatifillum, a blooming orchid, azalea or others which will last for a long time. Ukrainian women love plants and will definitely appreciate such a gift.

2. Another popular gift to Ukraine on Women’s Day is a piece of jewelry. Please check our collection of jewelry as we have a large selection starting with very affordable silver jewelry to high end pearl jewelry.

3. Another long lasting gift that is going to be appreciated by all women is perfume. Delicate and sophisticated or fresh and energizing fragrance will give your lady joy and will make every day feel special.

4. If your lady has a romantic heart you can present her a cute toy along with a box of chocolates. Toys make a simple and lovely intimate gift that reveals your romantic side.

5. Help your woman create a relaxing atmosphere for this holiday by presenting a spa gift set. Calming and relaxing spa procedures will open a new world perspective and fill a woman’s heart with joy and happiness. Tender aroma will bring up tender memories of you and fill a woman’s heart with love.

6. And as the last tip I would like to suggest making your gift as personal as possible. Also mind the fancy wrapping as women, being sensual and romantic, pay attention to these little details. Write her a personal message on a card for your special person as it also will be appreciated.

It would also be an important gesture if you congratulate female members of your lady’s family. If she has sisters or a mother living with her it would be thoughtful to present something to them as well.

Lavish your beloved women with your affectionate attention on International Women’s Day!

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