3 simple ways to make your gift delivery memorable

Delivering gifts overseas for someone who is really meaningful to you is always exciting. Love, affection, support, gratitude, and joy, everything can be expressed through well-chosen gift and its pertinent presentation. Needless to say that you would like to make your gift delivery stand out and remembered for a long time.

So here are 3 simple ways to make your gift delivery memorable and more heartwarming:


Sure enough gift itself is a nice expression of your feelings. But admit that modern fancy look of a present will make gift delivery even more exciting. So after you find that perfect gift for your dearest someone, it's time for the wrapping! We offer “Fancy Gift Wrapping” option to help the presentation look just as good as the gift itself.

Psychologists have proven that unpacking of a beautifully wrapped by tearing up a wrapping paper with ribbon activates the hormone of happiness. Happiness is the best thing that can be given to people you love.


Greeting cards make great presents for a number of reasons. If you are going to send a gift for the special people in your life, greeting card makes a good complementary. Here are reasons why cards shall be included in the gift delivery:

Give them something to keep. Everyone associates greeting cards to special events such as Birthdays, Weddings and Christmas. When you receive a greeting card, you can place it on your desk and be reminded of it.

Show that you are thinking of them. A greeting card with a personal touch shows that your friend, family or company put some effort into showing you that they care about you and wanted to make you feel special.

Make a real connection. Your feelings shine through when you actually write something in a card. When you place that first scribble on a greeting card, you are committed.


Create your own memories by ordering “video of the delivery”. Just think how it is touching to see you dearest friend, family or a beloved one at the moment they receive your surprise over the miles. The video also acts as a constant reminder of joy every time your will view it. Such memory cannot be ignored and that is why it’s so important to order video of the delivery.

The way to make your gift delivery heartwarming it to make it unforgettable. Often, a really particular approach to the gift delivery is much more meaningful than just picking something off the wish list.

Let’s sum up, 3 simple ways to make your gift delivery unforgettable:

• think of the perfect gift

• add a greeting gift card with your personal message

• and embed this exciting experience in video.

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