In light of the COVID-19 measures and some restrictions adopted by the Ukrainian government, UkraineGiftDelivery service continues to perform deliveries for its customers almost on the whole territory of Ukraine but with some changes.

One shall take into account restrictions of transportation business, flower shops, food stores and other relevant services, which have a significant impact on a gift delivery service.

Here is how the delivery will be performed during the quarantine:

Delivery of flowers is performed on the same terms within 24-72 hours, but with substitution in case of unavailability of some flowers. With substitution we will do our best to retain the general idea, characteristics and design of the ordered bouquet.

Product baskets and product packages can be delivered within 24-72 hours with substitution of some food products. Since product packages are most ordered options, please be receptive to substitutions in the view of the coronavirus pandemic food shortages in supermarkets and stores.

Perfumes and jewelry are available for delivery within 3-5 BUSINESS days. There is for reason that these items are stored in the stock in Kherson city. Deliveries from the stock by the express delivery service to the recipient in most cities of Ukraine are possible only twice a week Monday and Thursday. Some delays are possible.

Hand-made chocolates are unavailable for express (24 hours) delivery. Please note that delivery of this item can take up to 3-5 business days.

Distant delivery to small cities and villages of Ukraine is possible exclusively for non-perishable items within 3-5 business days.

Please note that we insure safety of the delivery of your gifts. Our personnel and couriers strictly follow all the required instructions in the prevention of coronavirus. They use all required safety and protective means such as masks, gloves and antiseptics.

Please be fine when we cannot provide you with a photo of the delivery. It is well known, that COVID-19 is communicable virus and some recipients choose to stay outside the door when receiving the gifts. We will gladly delight you with a picture of your special recipient, but in some cases pictures of the delivery cannot be taken.

In the view of much restrictions and difficulties during the quarantine period, we try our best to meet your expectations in providing the high-quality service. We don’t give up doing our favorite work and hope for your understanding. Take care and be healthy!

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