How to Send Gifts to Ukraine from North America

There are several ways you can send gifts to Ukraine. We have tried every one of them, and each has its pros and cons, so here is more information to help you make your choice:

1. Local postal service CanadaPost or USPS : Pricing starts from $44 for a package under 2 pounds (ground) and from $85 for a package (air). Delivery time: around 8 weeks for ground, 5-10 business days for air. Packaging, insurance, registered mail etc. add extra cost.

pros: mail offices are readily available in most cities and towns
cons: total service is quite expensive; there is no tracking of your package when it is in Ukraine.

2. Fedex, USPS and other rush delivery services etc. are good when you need to mail a very important document urgently. Pricing starts from $177 for a 1 pound package, delivery time 3-5 business days.

pros: the fastest way to deliver important documents
cons: the service is too expensive

3. MEEST is a good option for sending heavy of bulky packages when time is not a concern. Pricing is $4.45 per kg for sea parcels and $7.45 per kg for air parcels. Delivery time: sea parcels take 6-9 weeks to arrive and air parcels take 3-4 weeks to arrive to Ukraine.

pros: reasonable price, reliable delivery
cons: delivery time is substantial, Meest offices are not widely available

Prohibitions for mailing to Ukraine: gold and silver, precious stones, perfumes and more>>
all packages valued over 100 euros are subject to a 20% duty tax payable by your recipient
there is always a chance that your gift will arrive broken, “get lost” or get delayed especially during the busy holiday season
You could also consider online gift delivery services:

4. Huge International delivery services like FTD, tele flora etc. are popular with international senders who value quality most of all.

pros: Satisfaction Guarantee, safe payment processing, helpful customer service
cons: prices are very high

5. Ukraine gift delivery service, a Canadian-based company with its own offices in Ukraine, which specializes in flowers and gifts delivery in Ukraine. Delivery fee is around $19 for same day delivery and $12 for standard (up to 3 days delivery). Standard delivery for orders over $100 is free as well as our greeting message translation and photo report of the delivery.

pros: wide selection of gifts with regular updates, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, reasonable pricing, delivery in all cities of Ukraine as well as remote locations, photo delivery report

6. A small local delivery service in Ukraine, you can find them online.

pros: prices might be on the cheaper end
cons: limited selection of gifts and flowers, no Satisfaction Guarantee, limited delivery area

When you are sending gifts to Ukraine, we wish you and your loved ones to have only the best experience possible.

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