Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Anniversaries are a beautiful time to look back over the life you’ve shared with your love. Whether you’ve been a couple for one year or 50, sharing traditional wedding anniversary gifts is a touching way to show your devotion. Here are a few traditional wedding anniversary gifts that are sure to please the most important person in your life.

Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gifts

  1. Paper: Paper is the traditional gift for your first wedding anniversary. One of the best things about paper is that it’s the perfect space for telling your wife how much you care. Take some time to write a love letter to the person you love most. Tell her why she’s so easy to love and recount some of your favorite moments together. She’ll be sure to treasure your heartfelt message for the rest of her life.
  2. Fruit or Flowers: Fruit and flowers are the traditional gift for your fourth wedding anniversary. A gorgeous bouquet of colorful blooms or a delicious basket of ripe, succulent fruit will appeal to your beloved’s sense of sight, smell, and taste. She’ll think of you and all of the amazing experiences you’ve shared as she enjoys the fragrance of a fresh rose or bites into a delicious piece of her favorite fruit.
  3. Candy: Yes, candy is absolutely a traditional anniversary gift! This sweet treat is associated with a couple’s sixth anniversary. Use this special day as a chance to indulge your loved one with her favorite sweets. Whether it’s filled with fruits and nuts or delivered on its own, your sweetheart will be thrilled as she bites into her favorite type of candy.
  4. Willow/Wicker: Willow and wicker are associated with a couple’s ninth anniversary. If you and your partner are celebrating nine years together this year, why not celebrate with a beautiful wicker gift basket? Choose one filled with your sweetheart’s favorite foods and beverages, and deliver it with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. She’ll enjoy its contents, then keep the basket for a beautiful reminder of your enduring love.
  5. Aluminum: Tin or aluminum is the traditional gift for your tenth anniversary. Pay homage to this tradition by giving your partner a tin of her favorite food. You may want to give her something else to enjoy as she snacks on her cookies, popcorn, or other treat: a handwritten love letter and a beautiful piece of jewelry will make this important anniversary a day she’ll always remember.
  6. Jewelry: Jewelry is a popular traditional anniversary gifts. There are several anniversaries associated with specific types of precious metals and stones:
  • 25th: Silver
  • 30th: Pearl
  • 40th: Ruby
  • 45th: Sapphire
  • 50th: Gold
  • 60th: Diamond
An anniversary is the perfect time to treat your beloved like a queen. A shimmering necklace is sure to please, or perhaps a simple ring with a heartfelt word or phrase inscribed inside. Take your lady’s tastes into account to find the perfect gift to commemorate these impressive anniversaries.

Traditional wedding anniversary gifts are an amazing way to show your love. Your beloved is sure to feel appreciated when she receives any of these thoughtful gifts.

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