Baseus Bipow Power Bank with Digital Display 10000-30000 mAh 20W 3A

$49.00 USD

Gift the peace of mind that comes with reliable power during constant outages in Ukraine with the Baseus Bipow Power Bank. The high-capacity power bank ensures that essential devices stay charges and ready to use, no matter the circumstances.

Featuring fast-charging technology, the Baseus Power Bank delivers efficient and reliable power to smartphones, tablets, and other gadgets. With multiple output ports, it allows for simultaneous charging of several devices, ensuring your loved ones are always prepared.

Designed for convenience and portability, this power bank is compact yet powerful, making it essential tool for daily use or doing unexpected power outages. Its sleek design and durable build ensure it can withstand everyday wear and tear while providing dependable performance.

With fast delivery in Ukraine, you can send this thoughtful gift to your friends and family. Show your car by providing them with the Baseus Bipow Power Bank, ensuring they stay connected and powered ip, anytime, anywhere. 

  • Portable Charger Battery Type: Polymer lithium battery
  • Specific Device Compatibility: Android/iPhones/Tablets/iPad/Fitbits/Smart Watches
  • Portable Charger Battery Capacity: 10000 mAh, 20000 mAh and 30000 mAh
  • Wireless Charger Type: Multi-Device Charger
  • Output Ports/Connectors: USB, Mciro-USB, USB Type-C
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